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Sunday~December 8th~reflective thoughts

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Yikes, the year is sliding away! Day by day ,,week by week it disappears right in front of us!
Do you ever wake up and wonder how so much of the year went by? We are so busy going and coming ..and getting and giving that the days of our lives just blend. Then one day we notice..
An entire week, month and now year has managed to move on..with or without us it will move forward. Tis up to us to decide if we see a year of progress towards goals or just another year gone! Many of my friends have faced some difficult challenges this year. The thing I learned many years ago is that time will move on with or without you, so tis up to you to get up and do.
That song... emoticon These boots are made for Walking emoticon
Well I decided that must be the theme song for the rest of my life in order to enjoy the best of my life! If I sit and watch the year go by..it is easy to do that is for sure, however you find yourself in the same place when the rest of the world has moved on. Not good!!
As we deal with changes we so often say..it is not how it used to be. True,,,cause if it stayed the same it would be like the Dead Sea, there has to be change for life to continue. Some changes are very difficult to deal with, some bring delight and joy. Consider the richness of emotion that we are able to experience. Pain is not something we actively seek out however it does give us a much greater appreciation of Happiness and Joy Filled times.
As has been said "you must walk thru the valley to get to the mountain top" , I do feel it is up to us how long we stay in that valley. Choices are a tough thing to do, tis so much easier to just float along and let life happen. Then we are not responsible for what happens right? Ahh not so much so, someone once told me that not making a choice is a choice..sigh..so becoming a responsible decision making being is my lot in life! So be it! Do I want others making choices for me..no, then I'd best be making them myself , aye!!
Hmm sleep must have brought out my philosophical side. Time to lighten up.
Off to cook up a turkey for the dogs..a bit of broth and a few pieces of turkey makes them happy pups and sure costs less than canned food. Tis a top dressing for their dry kibble!
Then prep work to get food ready for the week ahead!
... ... emoticon ... emoticon
Ya'al have a great evening..time to chop salad...then out to hang a tarp on Blue Boys Hutch before the snow flies.
Heading into the various parties and celebrations ...please enjoy..but remember....
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