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Sunday, December 08, 2019

I saw this statement and could not agree more.

"Hatred Corrodes The Container That Carries it."

The only time I have ever come close to HATING someone happened when I was in college. Long story short...……….A good friend of mine was raped on her way home from the Campus Library. She was a very quiet and shy girl and told NO ONE of the rape for 8 months after it happened. She was a Freshman at the time and was NEVER the same. He was eventually jailed for what he had done, but I could NEVER think of him without becoming physically sick and wishing that something that terrible would happen to him. I was not proud of these feelings, but I couldn't stop feeling them. I have to admit that whenever I hear from her, it takes me days to stop thinking about how much I STILL hang onto these feelings. I don't know where he is now but I think that I know where he will be going eventually. I know, I know, FORGIVENESS...………..I have forgiven many things in my life, but this will never be one of them.

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