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Have to Take Control

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Hi all. Sorry it’s been a long time. We have been through it. My son with Aspergers got involved with a girl who is Bi Polar. She just released herself from a mental facility. She’s 21 with a baby. Long story short, my son went off the rails, hurt his father and we’ve had to change the locks. She won’t let him communicate with anyone in the family. She reaches out for him. We have all decided we are not responding to her anymore. He can reach out.

I finally realized he has been manipulating me for years so I continue to support him. I refused to keep paying for his cell phone and he went off the rails. This is status quo for him when he doesn’t get his way. He slammed a door on my husband’s head and we had to call the police and the paramedics.

My son is 26 years old. His aunt and uncle said he can stay there. GF responded to that and said we won’t allow him to get his meds and clothes. We all discussed it and decided we will no longer give her the satisfaction of responding to her.

My biggest fear is he knows my husband is taking a break from the kitchen remodel and going back to work tomorrow. My daughter has to work tomorrow as well. That’s when he will show up. Brian has changed the locks and I’m worried he will try to kick the door in. He tried the other night when he got mad. I just can’t do this with him anymore. My UC got really bad because of all this so I had to get him out.

My daughter and I talked with him for an hour the night this happened. I walked away and he told my daughter he doesn’t care what we have to say. He just listened to get his phone back.

That’s when I realized how manipulative he has been.

I have to get healthy again. I need to start exercising again and eating healthy. I have to put my health first now.
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