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Benefit Package .. redo of favorite blog

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Every one is interested in the good benefit package. So I came up with the benefit package that comes with losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure there is more. This list was just off the top of my head Here it is....

1) Healthier
A) Take less prescription drugs.
B) Better Blood Pressure
C) Lower Cholesterol
D) No longer Pre-Diabetic

2) Feel Better
A) More Energy
B) Better Balance (Less falling)
C) Happier
D) Feeling of Accomplishment
E) Less Back, Hip, and Knee* Pain

3) Look Better
A) Clothes look better
B) More choices for clothes that are more stylish
C) Smaller body, especially waist and hips

4) Can do More
A) Getting up is easier (off the floor, out of chair, etc)
B) Climb Stairs easily
C) Hiking, without huffing & puffing and resting frequently
D) Fit in tighter spaces
D) Easily tie shoes
E) I got my lap back

5) Positive Attention from Others
A) Inspiration for others
B) On-going compliments, while losing weight and at goal

Now the OTHER list. Benefit Package for Being Over Weight

1) Not Healthy
A) Take more prescription drugs
B) Higher Blood Pressure, or even uncontrolable
C) Higher Cholesterol
D) Pre Diabetic or Diabetic
E) Heart Disease

2) Feelings
A) No energy
B) Poor Balance; Falling more
C) More Back, Hip, and Knee pain (possibly needing surgery)

3) Not Looking Good
A) Clothes don't fit well
B) Poor Choices for clothes

4) Do Less
A) Getting off floor or saggy couch is difficult
B) Take elevator because stairs are too difficult
C) Hiking difficult with a lot of rests
D) Can't fit in tight spots
E) Difficulty with tying shoes or anything close to the floor
F) My lap was covered with belly fat

Which Benefit Package do you have? And which Benefit Package do you want? I hope this encourages you, no matter where you are at on the Healthy Lifestyle Journey. I happen to be at goal and this list is what I have felt at both ends of the Journey. My new journey is to Maintain because I NEVER WANT TO BE FAT AGAIN!

This was one of my first blogs and has remained my favorite. I added a couple things and before and after pictures.

Here I am hiding my fat behind a sign

Here I'm with my granddaughter .. We both have snowman shirts on

*On the knee pain, possibly because of my overweight years, I had to have a complete knee replacement on November 1. Possibly if I have taken better care of myself earlier, I might not have had to have this surgery. I did have a speedy recovery because I did the exercises before and after I had surgery I'm still doing them along with PT. The therapist is amazed with me and he has seen more flexibility on me than he's ever seen with anyone who has had a knee replacement. Exercise works!
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