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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Look what we found! (or rather it found us)
Wouldn't that be the PERFECT reward for finishing the Crush it 2020? :D

I really feel God had his hand in this, cos I've talked about this car all week as it happens, I told David the story about when I first saw it, I could never dream to buy it so instead, I bought the mac lemon yellow nail polish.. (back in 2001)
-- and He told me those aren't made or sold anymore, which is true...
Well we saw this tonight (after buying lemon nail polish 3 days ago)... for.. half what i would think it's worth?
So thats a plus!!

I told DH I didn't wanna drive it until I had reached my goal
but instead.. lets do a ... Crushed it Point system:

If the car costs $5000 - then it will be 500 points.

Each Behaviour, will earn 1 point, I can at SUPER PERFECT best, earn 56 points a week on this cute chore chart i picked up from the storage unit tonight (just before seeing the car.. the night after I read the at home spark point article this idea is based on.) see what I mean? way too "convenient" to just come together... I told DH yesterday that God care's about providing a car park. we've even see him work in our minecraft worlds, so ofcourse he cares about (topic he was discussing).

Nawwww Father knows me best.. .I wouldn't have ever got this car cos i wouldn't have thought i deserved it... Future me would tho..
BUT it so happened.. last week I wrote about my dream "ideal day" at my new weight.. and there was this.. confidence........ I dont yet possess.. I had put my toddler in day care so i could re connect socially with a CROSS FIT team? what? lol.. Anyway..

This car, fits in exactly with that whole... new me?
And today I read alllllllllllllllllllllll about christian weightloss winning mindset,
loads of great scripture, and the main take away: think SPEAK and ACT as tho you're at the goal weight.

Decide your outcome - choose it's actions to get there -- create the positive mind frame for those actions (mindset is everything it drives behaviour) and SPEAK, (as in scripture)
things like this
I am a champion
I have overcome every hardship that life has to offer, And I will reclaim my birthright given to be by God.

It actually inspired me to commit
Dunno if you saw on my main page? but I don't give my word out often - cos it Means something serious : but im serious:

Ok so the actions to get to that goal
drink a half gallon of WATER.
go to bed at 9.30pm
make a nutritious meal
hit calorie and macro range I have here on spark 4/4
10 mins Hiit
20 mins Jillian
keep a 16/8 window for eating
Another one of my goals was mind set tho..
What about... intentional thinking / pep speech (getting that speaking part in)

Also one that i think is important.. is being on top of washing workout gear, and laying it out the night before.. My chart only has room for 8 tho.. Guess I could squeeze it in lol

Right its 9:20pm I better rush to bed and get that Crush it Point :D

Alright cool.
I'm sure if i drink a LOT of water, pepsi will cut back / possibly not. lol

So with PERFECT attendance this would take two months
and lets be honest, its gonna be longer
and that way, weight's not tied to it.. .anddddd hopefully healthy habits come about!

We haven't got the car yet.. gotta see a man about a dog on that one :)
So hope so. And if so, It's not gonna live here, until I earn it :D

My drive way looks so drab without "Lello" parked in there (how my daughter pronounces yellow) emoticon

Yay fun!
It's so me :)

And ty God for making the car so cheap!

Inother news: I did 2x jillian workouts today, eplitical and hiit but i ran into a problem. i CANT lift weights. I am .. wayyyy too weak, Body Revolution - is meant to be medium fitness, so I'm gonna wait till i get "beginner shred" delivered to start weights. I last did BR, in my old 1 bedroom house with baby.. so I'm surprised.. how far "back" i'd gone.. but thats the situation - only Cardio from here on out.

Also the batteries in the scale have gone so that explains the crazy results I've had the last 3 days. We got the 12kg kettle bell home and in was 9kg on the scales! hah! have replaced them so .. look forward to accurate results tomorrow :D

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I also once read to develope an automatic, healthy habit, withtout thinking it, takes 3 months hence i set the hopeful timing around that for the Crushed it Car. hehe or Lemon Crush , still thinking to name it.
    Test drive tomorrow .. DH will tell me what it's like
    375 days ago
    I got another.. hint..

    The car... has a nice "body" right, same insides as my current car...
    it's a car i LOVe...
    and the wisdom I'm learning is.. MY body is sometthing I could love and wanna wash it and buy decorations fo rit.. and.. .get a matching dress to the car etc.. lol

    I think you get the point.. its not about how you look.. its about LOVING it and caretaking... nawwww
    I didn't pray for this car, cos i barely ever ask Father for things.. (something trained out of me as a child).. but em..
    he still shows up...
    But his and mine relationship is worth EVERYTHING to me, so... if it's not his will, im cool with that.

    375 days ago
    emoticon Blog !
    375 days ago
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