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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Well I barely ever, seem to be doing the same thing every day...
I'm always researching, observing my body, listening etc..

... Alzhiemers appears to be triggered by inflammation of the gut, (soda does this) then travels to the brain... it starves of glucose, inflammes it too, then it creates plaques in the brain causing the memory loss. and ATP decline

the cure. Ketosis. (Coconut oil, mct, butter (which is a MCT also).
additionally ketone esters, exogenous ketones and not as important BHB's

Keto Also cures: mitochondria usage, neurotransmitting pathways, and ATP function of the brain... so thus.. it's the 4th macro nutrient. (both the heart and the brain use ketones if available and if there's plaque in the brain the glucose is starved out of it, but ketones can by pass this)

the 'bullet proof coffee' imo.. (done with cacao powder instead), would be.... the heal your brain drink. Ketones proove management of traumatic brain injury also. (another trigger for alzheimers)..

This is my paraphased notes of Dom D'agnasto, who did a PHD in managing Alzheimers, arrived at Ketone diet as the cure. (a phd is 7 years research) .

I actually cried this morning
I ate perfectly on point, I worked out, .. I infact "crushed my day" i got all 11 points done.
my body weight didn't go drastically down, it went up. lol

I am now going to look at: a multi strategy:
1) no exercise test (for a day or two)
2) liver detox (im going to buy parsley plants today and i found a liver.. stocker? but they dont sell it? so i might need to get in touch)..
3) i could... drink cod liver oil thats in my fridge.. and i also have.. cholorform but ive never ever used it... i dunno how it works in the body (its a detox thing)
4) drink PLENTY of water.
5) no more protein powder, (I took some yesterday to make up my macros, I noticed a mucus response today, which could highly mean im inflammed and thus no weight loss).
6) exercise patience.

Side note, I prescribed the Carnivore diet (even stricter) for my DH,who was struggling so bad with his health, I read many studies, and many people's experiences, it cures depression and leaky gut, and he's had improvements in both :) I've also noticed huge confidence shift, he's delightful to be around instead of emotionally draining (from the depression) so that's very positive. I need to assess his meal plan and make sure he's getting in nutrition range.
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    Thank you for the support everyone :) I appreciate it so much
    1CrazyDog: When I had clients, i quickly learnt, each health concern had a different requirement, eg one girl who had Multiple Schelorsis, I informed her that alcohol and coffee are not safe for her to have (and they arent). where as most people on Keto can have coffee, for example. So not only do I gotta find what my body needs, for me, It changes as the health changes too. Never in my life have I done meat 3 x a day tho so this is interesting new test. :)
    35 days ago
    That's such a good strategy to do your research and apply it how you see it will fit with your lifestyle. I have tried bulletproof coffee and it's pretty good.

    Hope the carnivore diet helps your DH -- sounds like it is!

    36 days ago
  • VHAYES04
    36 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Sounds like you're making progress. Blessings on your journey.
    36 days ago
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