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Paths to peace...

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Good morning all..Yesterday I found my sunshine.. After relaxing on the couch with my coffee and my thoughts I headed to #cko.. the first time in over a week.. and it can go one of two ways, my first day back, I'm a bit off my game and need to get my groove back or it clicks on all cylinders and I am on fire.. well yesterday I was on fire, my sunshine was deep within me and it needed to burst free, along with a guttural growl and a feeling of euphoria and peace.

I was reminded that there are many, many ways for me to achieve the results I am looking for.. I left Arizona with a melancholy, after feeling such a sense of peace and joy that hiking to the rising and setting sun had provided, it momentarily blinded me to the fact that other avenues exist.

Intense workouts bring me peace. Music also brings me peace, the right song at the right time speaks to me and allows my mind to release whatever it might be that is blocking that peace. Silent prayer and reflection brings me peace. The right flavors bring me peace..

After my workout I headed to shoprite mid "a storms a coming" frenzy because I had my mind set on a really fabulous meal with bright flavors involving fish and I needed some fresh produce being gone all week.. I found fresh dates and immediately and my plan began from there.. so I googled a few recipes and found some ideas.. but the fish used were not really speaking to me.. so I went to the sea food area and saw fresh sea scallops from the Jersey shore.. and a decision was made.

Came home and made myself stuffed french toast with pears, light cream cheese, fat free greek yogurt, creme fresh and cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, swerve brown and granulated sugars and little bit if dried rosemary from my garden then topped with more caramelized pears shaved dark chocolate.. I decided to push my 4 miles to today which is supposed to be a rest day.. because of the intense workout and the fact I'd be bowling. I didn't want to over do it in one day.. so I watched a little tv and looked at the slideshow again of the pictures from my trip.

For dinner before bowling I made my meal.. cream of celery and leek soup (used cauliflower to thicken with just a touch of light cream) and seared scallops with apple, bacon and shallots with a citrus vinaigrette over a date and pumpkin squash puree.. crazy intense, delicious flavors.. told my son if he was hungry (it was pretty early for dinner) that I had scallops and soup upstairs..

I got ready for bowling and came out and he was eating.. he asked what the stuff in the pot was - the dates/squash puree and if it was for the scallops I said yes.. he said. I wasn't sure, but I ate them together and the flavors were really good together.. Love that boy, he is kind hearted and generous, but flies under the radar and compliments don't always flow ... but my cooking is one area he will speak up.

Off to bowling in the snow.. as I was driving I'm thinking I must be crazy, but the forecast said it was going to warm up as the evening got later.. so I went.. and what fun we had.. I always have fun, no matter what, I dance I sing, I goof around ...the music is low as we first bowl because the league next to us is "sanctioned and serious" but I can hear the music when many others can't.. so my body and soul just play along once they leave they crank it up everyone joins in.. I bowled fairly well too 160 . well the middle game dipped 138 literally 3 spares missed by a hair like the pin moved but didn't fall down.. and finally 165.

Came home and had fat free yogurt with sugar free cheesecake yogurt mixed in with fresh strawberries and shaved chocolate and watched some of my dvr shows. then I found myself standing with the peanut butter jar and a spoon and got into a bit of a match.. and I was the one down from a TKO in 40 seconds..

Have a fabulous day.. run, church, youth group, football with some eggplant parm thrown in..

My day is looking rather sunny!

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