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1-22-2020 Opinions and Thoughts please!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I live on a pretty cool island. We love the views and the isolation of it.

But, my house isn't ..... updated? nice? Actually, sometimes it's embarrassing.

ANNNNND we're pretty far out. I don't drive. Something about blind deaf person being a hazard I dunno, some lame a$$ reason, but

we're 30 minutes to a store

an hour from any docs

an hour from 1 daughter
an hour and a half from another

My wants? I want to live with this gorgeous view closer to them, in a nice turnkey house. My husband just can't remodel anymore and I hate living in a house where a closet door doesn't even have handles!! The bathroom unfinished, floors bubbling...ugh!


Here are some future options....what would YOU do/think?

one: buy a lot on the water here and build a new house in same area.
pros: still in my area, views, we love it, new house, I can probably afford it.
cons: still far from daughters/town/docs

two: move closer to girls
pros: in town, deliveries!, cable tv!, I can probably bus or uber places, closer to girls/granddaughter
cons: ugh, it's so expensive for gut jobs and just "dirty" everywhere. We could get a nice 55plus home, but I dunno....

three: stay where we are and just fix up the place
pros: we do like the area
cons: hubs can't work on anything, price, still far from girls,

four: ideas you may have?

It's nothing that will be done tomorrow. Just in the next five years. But, it's swirling in my head "what do I do? what do I do?"

so, I thought I'd get some fresh eyes on the situation.

**our beach in the summer **
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your answer may be in your very first line: “We love the views & the isolation”
    I couldn’t imagine moving back to town, no matter how dilapidated/redneck-squalor-like my little farm becomes... I’ve settled into the equation of driving 35-45 minutes to get anywhere (although I know your sitch is more difficult).
    Wallahalla makes a great point (I love my son’s older neighborhood, 40 min away, but I’m sure he won’t live there long-term), but then OTOH so does Tresswann - kids move!
    29 days ago
    Family - how important is it to you? Mine all up and moved half way across the country many years ago - my son and I are the only ones still near where we started out.
    Doctors - how often do you need to see one? Are either of you worried about needing an emergency room?
    Home maintenance - how much of that do you want to do or are capable of doing?
    Other amenities like groceries, library, restaurants, other types of stores - only you know what matters to you.
    Only you can discuss it with your DH and decide what's important to you, but I think you have the main points that need to be discussed.
    34 days ago
    I can't tell you what to do, the decision is yours. But if I were you (and I'm not) I would go with two. I've seen some older retired members of my congregation move out of town further south or even move to another state to be near family, and they seem to be happier. I moved to another state, now I am stuck here, and because of my health and finances, I can't afford to travel, and my family, because of finances, can't afford to travel and we miss each other. TG they have their health!
    34 days ago
    maybe move in town
    34 days ago
    I am in the process of moving from a somewhat isolated rural property (new house) to a somewhat urban property, smaller new build and 15 minute drive from family. I will be close to the ocean but not close enough to worry about sea rise, won't have to deal with snow, close to amenities including health care. You have lots to think about but as we age these are important decisions to make if we wish to remain healthy and independent. At almost 73 I no longer need the hassles of house repair/remodelling and property maintenance. I wish you and your DH all the best going forward!
    35 days ago
    As soon as our son is settled in his career, we'll move close to where he is. I'd rather have more time with him than anything else. But, that is just me.
    35 days ago
    Fix. Children move
    35 days ago
    35 days ago
    Fix up what you have! You can do it when the money is there and still get that amazing view!
    35 days ago
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