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Someone Needs Our Tender Loving Care

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

In this picture with my husband, I had just turned fifty. Out of of the blue my appendix ruptured! I was rushed to the hospital for surgery! I spent five days there and was acutely ill. I did not know until much later, after a full recovery, what my husband told me. He shared the words of my surgeon: “I need to be honest with you. Your wife is a very sick lady and I only give her a fifty-fifty chance that she will make it.”
Naturally, he was stunned, if not shocked! He told me he could not imagine life without me.

I regard each day of life. I look at our loved ones and the sweet faces of our pets, who are unable to care for themselves if we don’t.

I don't feel selfish when I take time for myself. When I look at their little faces, I know taking good care of myself is the best thing I can do for me and for them!

Whether you have fur babies, or feathered singers as we do, they need our love and devotion. These are my little ones: Beegee-our male, who loves to perform for us, and Simi, our adorable little hen. They depend on me every day. I sing to them, and they come up close and sing right back. Simi lets me hold her and she gives me gentle kisses and tickles my neck. I can’t imagine life without them.

Sure, someone else might take them in if we were gone, but who would love them as we do? Who knows all their funny little quirks and the things that make them happy? Just something to think about as we continue to make those good choices. Someone is depending on us—for our tender loving care-today and every day.

Take care of yourself---- emoticon ….and thanks for stopping by!
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