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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Good morning friends.. Feeling a bit better today after a really great night's sleep. I have really been doing a zig zag this week with my numbers swinging 20 points nightly..

A heat wave's coming to NJ high 40s the next few days and 50 on Saturday.. Yesterday wasn't too bad by the time I had to leave for my meeting in NYC. I wore my "medium" cold hat.. yes I have different hats for the level of frigid..

Yesterday morning I got in a great workout at #cko with the plan to run at night after I got home from my meeting. But when I got home and really did not want to run 3 miles, we did a lot of leg work in the morning, lots of squat and my legs felt tired.. like really there was no way I was gonna do it.. I couldn't talk my body or my mind into it, so I walked 3 miles instead. The goal is to build up the stamina, I am not worried about speed.. I just want to be sure my legs and body are properly conditioned so that I do no shock my body as I have done in the past.. I am going to focus more on upper body for the next few weeks while doing my #halfmarathontraining as I do not want to burn my legs out..

The scale is still hovering a bit up even though I am eating right.. probably all the added exercise that I'm doing.. 4 days of running and 4 days of kickboxing.. muscle building, fluid may be retaining.. but I'm ok with that.. I should get to a meeting though either way.. I really don't care about being up, but I don't know the meetings feel so blah lately.. except one leader but her classes tend to coincide with another activity.. decisions, decisions..

Have a thoughtful Thursday! Throwing it back to remind me why I persevere even when the scale is not doing what I think it should.. Once upon a time I wouldn't have considered sharing a photo that didn't look "good".. the one on the left, didn't see the light of day when I had uploaded all my other China pictures, until I got serious about being healthy and it became my before picture..

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