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The New Toddler Birthday Party

Friday, January 24, 2020

We had a lovely day in the city yesterday and ended it at a county park that was on the way home, to share in the birthday party fun. As I said yesterday, I'm not a big fan of toddler birthday parties - because I think they're too young to grasp the gift giving courtesies. Besides, what 3 year old wants to sit around watching someone else open presents?

Turns out the toddler birthday party etiquette - at least among my DiL's friends - is to bring the gift and have the toddler give it to the birthday child, and then it's just another play date with the group, but with cake. I suppose the mothers dole out the gifts at home as it suits the situation. Instead we got to watch swarming kids play on playground equipment - so glad to see there are still swings at this park - and then eat sugarbomb cupcakes. Too many of which were consumed by me. Good thing I was abstemious the day before.

I was asked, and took my best story time puppet with me - a Folkmanis Dragon puppet - who fascinated the children to no end. He chatted with the children, demonstrated that yes, baby dragons do suck their thumbs but that they would stop when the grew teeth, and gave every child a kiss.

I LOVE these puppets and have a big collection of them. No. I am not a ventriloquist, but I can change my voice enough and work the puppet mouth cleverly so nobody ever looks at my mouth anyway. They're all riveted to this thing that LOOKS like it's a toy but acts like it's alive. Even the big brothers were fascinated.

But the sugar. Oh dear. The cupcakes. ahem. There will be some seriously lighter fare coming from my kitchen for the next few days. Yikes!

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