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Warning.. harsh thoughts ahead...

Friday, January 24, 2020

Good morning friends.. Sitting here right now and my heart is racing.. it's Friday so of course I started the day with #cko with Tully, from there a stop a shop-rite for a few ingredients, then home as we were at the stop sign by our houses, we see Pop outside scraping the ice off his windows getting ready for work, he turns and steps into the street and then this big silver SUV speeds by and almost hit him. Windows shut tight, yet I scream his name, my sister gasps, it whizzes by he turns around looks at us, smiles and waves and we're not sure if he is even aware how close that was..

We pull into my driveway and as I exit the car I look at my sister and said you realize we'd both be getting carted off to jail if.. and she said without a doubt... we all need at least one person in our lives that "without a doubt" can complete any sentence..

Anyway.. whatever thoughts were forming in my mind have been replaced with the what if.. one more step and I would not be sitting here typing right now.. so I am filled with anger instead of joy at the moment.

Reckless behavior is selfish.. actions done without thought or care can impact not only you, but other around you too. Driving 45-50 miles an hour on a 25 mile hour residential street is extremely selfish and stupid and could cause serious injury or death to an innocent party. This is true in all aspects of our lives including this journey.

I'm probably going to rile some people up with this and perhaps hurt some feelings which it is not my intention, but it's there wanting to come out for a while and this morning it is building and if I am to get past it and resolve it the last step is to write it down so... Not taking care of yourself, leading an unhealthy life, doing things that put your life in danger, NOT making ANY effort at ALL to AT LEAST TRY is a little bit selfish. And I do understand that some things are bigger than the people themselves and outside help is needed.. but refusing the help..

You might think, my life, my business, but that is not entirely true. Because each one of us have people who love us and people who want only the best for us. When you have someone in your life that doesn't make any effort at all, it hurts our hearts to watch it happen and it is frustrating, and sometimes can cause anger. But love persists and compassion resides in my heart so I deal with my feelings...

Now I must work on getting myself out of this mood that silver SUV created or I will be no good to anyone today.. It's Friday I can not let this mood win!

Hope you have a fantastic day! If you wouldn't mind sending me some prayers and healing vibes.. I do not like this agitated state I am in and I need your help to work through it.

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    Good thoughts and prayers going your way! emoticon
    23 days ago

    I hear you ... and I empathize...
    I am one of those folks that advocate not making the roads better
    as in smoother too easily equals -- faster --
    If the drivers think they can go 70 on a surface away they go..
    even if the speed limit is 25 for the safety of everyone else not in the vehicle.

    Glad "dad" is okay ... the things you don't know often do not bother you !!

    Prayers on their way for you to find peace... and the strength and bravery
    to forgive those who have not yet learned to care for themselves in a healthy way
    or have not yet latched onto the desire to change their lives enough to make it
    a priority rather than a want or a maybe someday.
    Prayers also on their way for those you hold dear that they may find the desire to
    be healthier and make it "THE" priority in their lives to live healthier. May they be
    brave enough to make those choices and seek the support they need to persevere.
    I pray that my prayers will help you and those you care for.
    24 days ago
    WOW that was too close for comfort, sounds like your still in shock over what just about happened. People only care about themselves these days it's so sad the way the world is going. Take care of yourself emoticon emoticon emoticon
    24 days ago
    OMG! What a stupid driver. Yes, selfish describes such behavior. And for sure we all have someone who loves us, needs us, wants us in their lives, and we have to take care of ourselves so we ARE able to be there.

    And I think the words seem harsh or create angry feelings when truth has been spoken which has been denied over time! It touches a nerve. Deep down we know if we're not taking care of ourselves, and sometimes that's hard to admit that we've got work to do!

    HUGS and hope your heart and head can settle down. I'd feel exactly the same way.

    24 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/24/2020 10:11:08 AM
  • LORI-K
    Yikes, close call!
    I hope you can shake the mood. I don’t blame you at all for feeling the way you do.
    24 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    24 days ago
  • no profile photo IDAEVE
    Yes, I do understand what you are trying to say. It is a persons individual choice to take care of themselves as best possible. When they decline to do so, it effects their loved ones and care givers. Reckless drivers endanger so many innocent lives. Glad the silver truck missed emoticon hitting your neighbor!
    24 days ago
    24 days ago
    Enjoy your day!! Have a lovely weekend.
    24 days ago
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