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New Year's Resolution or New Habit?

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Today I wrote a piece for our Winter 5% Challenge and thought I would like to find it next year in my blog and reflect on how my new 2020 habits worked out.

It seems Jan. 17 is D-Day for New Year's resolutions – the day most people give up on their good intentions and fall back into old habits. However, many do stick with it past Jan. 17th and are still successful 6 months later. Maybe it’s because they keep trying for progress and not perfection. They are not focused on a perfect score or a perfect streak, but incremental improvement and can accept that it is not easy, but will still keep at it.

It takes three months for a change to become routine, so it won't happen overnight, but it also won't take years. Be prepared to slip up, but a slip need not be a fall. A missed workout in a busy week doesn't have to mean you won't be successful with your fitness goals. Think of the progress you've already made.

Remember Our Living the Good Life (LTGL) theme this season. As your personal challenge, choose one thing you will do each day that will bring you the success you deserve. What habit will it be – walk daily, get up earlier - don’t hit the snooze button, exercise first thing in the morning, nutrition track, plan meals, eat breakfast, take lunch, what is it?

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily." ~Mike Murdock.

Regardless of how you are doing with your new habit, today re-commit to making it something that will benefit you, or choose a different new habit. Consider progress not perfection to be your goal, and think of your progress as most times I get it right, or I am doing better this week, etc.

For instance one of my new habits is to walk my dog at least twice a day. My dog doesn't keep score or count the days we walk more than 2 times or less than 2 times. My dog is happy to go for a walk with me any time. We both benefit from the walks, and in time it will be our ‘routine’. The timing and distance of our walks will eventually become more structured, as our walking habit becomes more automatic. My dog doesn't care if I am a perfectionist or not, she only sees our successes and she wants me to succeed, and so do I.

What new habit did you choose? Why this one? How are you doing?

Please share how it’s going and your advice or inspirational thoughts.
Saturday I need a day off from life to catch up on my sleep. I am tired and have put off things I should be doing every day. When I am rested I will get my eating back on track, so a slip doesn't become a slide. OK I am off to bed and will start feeling better and doing better this weekend.
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