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Getting a sister for Zaba the Great Dane

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Having had Zaba for a couple of months now, we decided it was time to get him a female companion. I should explain for anyone who doesn’t know... Zaba was rehomed by us in November. He had been castrated, like most rescue dogs, although in fairness, it was his original owners who did so, as he has hip dysplasia and so it would be unfair to breed from him and pass on the ailment.

Twelve days ago, we saw a new arrival at the local refuge. She had arrived with her brother, after being found wandering. That said, the refuge policy is to allow ten days for a previous owner to come forward to reclaim a lost dog. Well, we decided that she would be right as a ‘sister’ for our Zaba, so we applied to reserve her for adoption.

On Friday afternoon, we took Zaba to the refuge to meet her. They were both pretty stressed at first as they met in a compound, surrounded by the noise of yelping dogs at the refuge. It was agreed that it would be best to walk them together out of the confines of the refuge and away from the stresses of the yelps of other pooches.

Once on the walk, they pretty much ignored each other, a good sign for a first meeting!

Yesterday, we went back for a second go, walking them together again and once again, neither was particularly bothered by the other. What’s more, Zaba showed no sign of being jealous.

Yesterday, they even got quite close without being unduly bothered... that made our minds up. We filled out additional paperwork, paid the adoption fee and agreed a date for her sterilisation with the refuge very which is the same one we use for Zaba, as we were taking her before the time that she was able to be taken by the refuge ( she had had an infection). We arranged to pick her up today, so that we would have time to buy food, a bed, lead etc., before picking her up.

So, this afternoon, we went to collect the new addition to our family. We have named her Nogi.

Here we are, just before leaving to come home. We borrowed a harness, so that we can get her one that fits properly, tomorrow.

Here she is, posing outside at home. From the few hours we have had her, she is settling, even pinching Zaba’s bone to chew, without him realising...

There she is, on the left behind the curtain, with Zaba on the right, in front of the curtain, on his bed...

We will have some cleaning of floors to manage as she gets used to living in a house, because she has obviously been used to outside life, probably as a potential hunting dog, being a
Griffin X. We’ll get through that ok - we have tiled floors and a mop!

To explain their names....

In Polish, Zaba = frog; Nogi = legs...

In short, living in France as we do, we have Frog legs ( for the uninitiated, a tasty French delicacy).

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