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(Not so) Sneaky Calories

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Lately I am having no success at losing weight. As far as my tracker shows, I am well below my calorie range.
I decided to take a close look at what I am eating and tracking.
I have always thought I was being very accurate in listing my foods. Even if they were not healthy choices.
Yesterday I researched how many calories in my communion. It totaled 6. SO not a big deal that I have not been tracking it all these years.
It makes me wonder, though, if I am not tracking other things, if perhaps it will all add up to a lot of extra calories.

Today I am looking at my coffee. I do not add anything to my coffee. I have a Keurig. But I usually have one cup of ground coffee, put through the Keurig with a reusable container.
I thought ground coffee surely does not have any calories. I looked at the package. NO nutritional information. I looked online and sure enough 0 calories. Good so far.
But, YIKES, when I looked at the flavored Kcup I use, it is 70 calories! 70 calories, once or sometimes twice a day, that I have never tracked.

This was a real eye opener for me. I will start adding this to my tracker. I probably will not enjoy drinking it as much anymore, knowing what I now know.
I will continue to explore this topic.
Do any of you track the calories in your coffee, or tea? Including the additives?

Have a happy, healthy day.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes, if I drink coffee with anything in it, it's part of my daily calories. This makes me very cautious about what I drink.
    504 days ago
    Black coffee and zero calorie tea. Good job checking everything!
    505 days ago
    Strictly black non-caloric coffee here because I do intermittent fasting. What lovely china. Love those beautiful cups.
    505 days ago
    I track my morning coffee. I snack on raw veggies when I'm prepping for the week, and those I don't usually track. It's only a cabbage stalk here or a couple of carrots there. I figure I burn more calories chewing those crunchies than they contain. emoticon
    506 days ago
    I've always tracked my coffee/tea and whatever I put in them.
    506 days ago
  • BEDA65
    I track my coffee and I have it as a "grouping" as SPARKNB says, as well. I use Italian Sweet Cream in my coffee. It's the 1 guilty pleasure I allow myself. I try to keep track of everything. If I throw a Tbps of something into a dish, I track it. Sometimes that minute amount we think is nothing, is something.

    Have you checked out MARILYNS481 blogs? That thing she's doing is really working well for her. She started it after I started back up here at Spark in November. So I became a follower of hers as she was starting that journey. It's interesting to read how she's doing with it everyday. I'm not sure I could do it, but I figure I would try it if/when I need a change.
    Just don't give up!
    506 days ago
  • KITT52
    I only drink decaffeinated tea, I dont add anything..
    But good for you checking for hidden calories...
    506 days ago
    I'm not a coffee drinker, but you got me thinking about the "little" tastes here and there.
    506 days ago
    I also have a Keurig and I quit buying my favorite flavored coffees because of the calories. Some things are big eye openers
    506 days ago
    When I read the title of the blog, I thought it was going to be about how the calories that 'sneak' by us, don't sneak by our bodies, which is something I am gonna blog about at some point, the self-deception about 'sneaking' calories we do not track, i.e. not tracking carefully

    As to coffee: I do not do sweeteners, and would drink my coffee black, but part of my 'sneaky' (ha!) way to get in protein and calcium in the morning is to make mine a latte. So I do coffee (usually from a coffee maker pot because I'm not the only one in my household drinking coffee...and running the keurig so many times for all our various coffees is just irritating) in one of those "big" cups; then I track it as a grouping, and I've saved various latte groupings depending on what type of milk (I usually do 1% (used to do skim, but found out that put in titanium to make it look whiter and more appealing to compensate for the removal of fat ) but occasionally a nut milk or 2% which most of the fam prefers)). Also, I've noticed that when spark tracks my lattes, it gives 4 calories for just the coffee part.

    A solution might be to switch the keurig pod brand you use, making sure that it only has the 4 or so calories black coffee has, OR to get those diy pods and make up your own, maybe mixing up some that are half from those 70 calorie pods and half black coffee. Wonder what it is that makes it 70 cals? Probably sugar, maybe some fat (like a dehydrated creamer) or maybe it *IS* a skim latte? (Does it list protein? Probably doesn't give calcium either)

    The one thing I do NOT track is the herbs or herbal tea bags I put in my water, hot in the winter and into iced sun tea in the summer, all of which I rarely sweeten, except only every blue moon with stevia, or, when I'm ill, with honey for it's healing properties. Food (or drink, lol) for thought....
    506 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/29/2020 5:00:25 PM
    Great find on the Kcup calories. Have you tried calorie cycling? Eat at the low range today and the high end range the next day. Some say it helps reset your metabolism.
    506 days ago
    I mostly just drink water but I was looking at some orange pineapple juice and couldn't believe the calories. I was bummed because that is my favorite. I did leave it in the store. emoticon I also think I have to track at the lower end of the calorie range. The upper end is too many calories for me to lose.
    506 days ago
    I try to...but sometimes I have extra cups of coffee or tea during the day...always with cream...track it but some days may under-track it.
    And the nightly wine...let me go check.
    506 days ago
    I will start looking closer at all the hidden calories I may forget to track as well. Thanks for the eye opener
    506 days ago
    my coffee i sometime add unsweetened cocoa no calories , and fairlife has a new creamer that has 40 percent less sugar, and i only add a fourth of teaspoon of sugar to my coffee, yes flavored coffees have way more calories, dont forget your honey in your tea. and a ton of sugar in juices i but a fourth of a glass of juice and fill with water and ice.lots of hidden calories everywhere vitamin , supplements etc
    506 days ago
    I do drink mine black, no flavorings. So, that is a good thing. My nemesis is those BLT's (bites/licks/tastes). I have measured them and found up it can add up significantly. DUH! I knew that mentally, but seeing it in black & white keeps it real!

    506 days ago
    I like those little candy cane mints . I have about 3 or 10 a day. They are 10 calories a piece.
    506 days ago
    Yes I use coffee with 2 tblsp creamer
    506 days ago
    506 days ago
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