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Then what?

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Truth be told, stuck at home with a sick child, my mind started to fantasize about me alone with 2 beautiful boxes of Girl Scout cookies-one Somoa (are they still called that?) the other Thin Mint. Thank goodness I don't have any in the house, but in that moment I found it tragic we had none.

I'm tired and rundown myself. This was supposed to be a workday where I go into the office (rather than work from home) and I was actually looking forward to it. I needed energy and a happiness boost and in my impulsive mind my friends Somoa or Thin Mint could have provided that in bounty, As I continued this obsessive food fantasy, I finally asked myself...and then what?

Let's say I nibble through a box of each...well maybe a quarter box of each and then 2 hours later another quarter and so forth.I feel euphoric and high from the sugar, chocolate and other delectable ingredients. I feel nurtured and happy...and then what? And then my stomach hurts and then the sugar crash kicks in, and then the malaise from all that processed junk and then guilt and disappointment. All of that aftermath lasts far longer and yet, it is too easy to forget.

I guess that is what impulsivity is all about-acting without thinking much about consequences. It's about the high no matter how long it lasts and no matter how bad the consequences are after the act. If I expect my kids to "stop and think" before acting when technically their impulsive control centers in their brains aren't fully developed until early adulthood, then I certainly need to practice some good old fashioned "stop and think" myself. While it helps I was in a controlled setting where there are no trigger treats, I'm not gonna lie. I had started plotting a take-over of my husbands secret granola stash. Then I stopped and thought about more than the 10 minutes of glory while I devoured it.

Whenever I start obsessing about treats I need to stop and ask myself....then what?
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  • SPICY23
    emoticon emoticon You Conquered!
    Not only that, you created a new tool for your response kit! And then what?

    I count myself lucky: sweets or sweet treats don't plague me. Refined carbs don't give me a noticeable 'rush', nor do I appreciate 'the crash' like I should. I do notice the 'crash' hunger which arrives earlier than regular hunger would normally show up but it is not intense enough to be a negative consequence for me.

    My sirens are grain products: seedy breads (particularly toasted) and whole grain goldfish crackers, crunchy and savory; so beguiling. Same as you do, I don't allow them in my home. The cravings play themselves out. The sun reappears. Another crisis averted.

    All we can do is stay strong and vigilant.

    Peace and Care
    65 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    This is such a good idea, and it extends to other things than food too.
    65 days ago
    Great question to ask!
    65 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon emoticon

    Those sugar addictions are sneaky. I indulged far too much, i.e., binged, on homemade, sugary sweets one day this week and was miserable as expected the next two days. I sat with the misery asking the same basic two questions I've asked most of my life -- "was it really worth it?" and "when will I stop doing this to myself?"

    65 days ago
    So true! They just are not worth it!
    65 days ago
    I like how you stop and ask: And then what? ... You are thinking it over---but as some said, "Not having them in the house would help, right? ... Glad you did not fall in the trap of devouring the GS cookies.

    65 days ago
    "I needed energy and a happiness boost and in my impulsive mind my friends Somoa or Thin Mint could have provided that in bounty," Those are NOT your friends. They are the result of the food demons that like to tip-toe through our thoughts. Tired and rundown give the demons more power, too. Have something healthy with an added bit of protein. Get some rest and recharge.

    You got this! emoticon emoticon
    65 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/30/2020 11:40:13 PM
    We all have our trigger foods. I try to just not have them in the house either. I just went through the ads & coupons that cane yesterday and wouldn't you know - 2 for 1 Big Mac's!!! And I have been craving. Luckily I'd have to actually leave the house to take advantage of that and I have no interest in that! Good for you for resisting the impulse!
    66 days ago
    i like that and then what something i should be asking myself and not just about food. impulse buys that drink you shouldnt have etc thank you another great blog that leaves me a lot to think about
    66 days ago
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes. The initial thought is . . . they'd taste soooo good and lift my spirits, etc., etc., etc. BUT then once the sugar rush is gone . . . uh oh. Left feeling drained and guilty. NOT worth it. Good for you for working your way thru it. That's why I do not keep them in the house. Nor those tantalizing brookies. UGH UGH UGH!!! Too good.

    HUGS and hope you make it thru the day. No fun having a sick kiddo!
    66 days ago
    Sometimes I hear frozen fruitcake whispering to me at 3pm... it's crazy, but it is an addiction after all. I use a diet ginger ale to fend of my demons... arm yourself with a good alternative and the craving will weaken. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    66 days ago
    This rings so true for me, and is something I've thought about a lot. It made more sense after I read some scientific explanations about how junk food stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain, the same centers that drug addicts are hitting. It's when I'm actually in the act of eating the junk that I feel that opiate-like release most intensely, followed by, as you noted, the temporary sugar high and the much longer aftermath. And even after it's all digested and done, there's an afterlife of sugar cravings - it can take me several more days of whole foods before they completely go away.

    I'm trying to make my food treats more about fatty foods that used to be taboo, or things that are expensive.

    Also - on my IF site some people were saying that Girl Scout cookies don't taste as good as they used to. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they've started using cheaper ingredients. Just saying.
    66 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/30/2020 4:05:21 PM
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