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A good start to a productive year

Sunday, February 02, 2020

I didn’t rush out there with goals for the New Year, but I did write this in the notes section of my Organized Chaos planner under the banner Goals and Focuses for Year:

1. Establish routines
2. Catch up on receipts
3. Put away holiday stuff
4. Clear table

1. Taxes
2. Medicare
3. Desk
4. Mail

I’m pretty pleased with what I accomplished in January. I was mainly concerned with after work routines, since my old habit was to sit and read and often snack after work, and I wouldn’t get much done. I’m usually changing into exercise clothes so I can work out, though I don’t do it every day, then meditating. I’m mostly remembering to charge my phone (very hit & miss before), regardless of how much power remains. And I’m putting in a few timer sessions most evenings, lots more on the weekends. They may be cleaning or sorting or working on one of the other focus areas for a short time. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m the founder and co-leader of the Babysteps Brigade Spark Team, so I absolutely thrive with my little 5-minute timer sessions!)

I caught up with the stacks of receipts I had been collecting but hadn’t kept up with logging into my spending spreadsheet. In addition to tracking for Oct-Nov-Dec of last year, I set up a new workbook for my 2020 spending. I even caught up the ongoing balance between sister and me and paid off the last of what I owed her. I got all the holiday stuff boxed up, except for the Christmas lights-designed linens that needed to be washed and the ornaments hanging in the window. Those last items, plus a couple bags of bows that wouldn’t fit elsewhere, will go into storage today (2/2/20).

And while the dining table isn’t completely cleared off, it is much neater & cleaner, with items I’m using easily accessed, and lots of space for eating. So my 4 focus areas for January have been largely completed. And I’ve already begun working on my focus areas for February, so I’m feeling satisfied with my progress, and determined to continue babystepping my way to a more organized life and a better-functioning, more welcoming home.

Wishing all my Spark Friends a successful and satisfying year! Blessed Be, Amanda
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