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Too Much Strut?

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

DO you ever have those days when you feel like strutting your stuff?
Maybe the scale moved in the right direction.
Maybe someone noticed you had lost some weight.
Maybe an outfit fit better than it used to.
Maybe you accomplished something you had not been able to previously.
Maybe you did an extra set of reps at the gym.
Maybe you walked an extra few minutes.
Whatever it was, you felt good about yourself and wanted to show how good it felt.

It is a powerful feeling to feel good about yourself. I admit, I do not often get into that mindset.

(Warning this blog is about to get controversial. I will try to temper my words to not be offensive and I ask that when you comment you apply the same tempering)
I was not going to write about this. BUt i found it profoundly affecting me.
I am not a sports fan ( can you tell where this is going?) Neither is my husband. We never watch sports event. Except once a year we watch the SuperBowl.
I do not get the attraction of watching grown men taking a beating like that. But once a year I can tolerate it.
What I really do not understand are all of the commercials. At one point I saw 30 seconds of game play followed by five minutes of commercials.
Most years I look forward to the half time show. This year I had read that Jennifer Lopez wanted to make her daughter proud that 2 Latino women were doing the show. The hype was all about wanting to empower women.
AS the show began with Shakira, I started to get uncomfortable. SHe was spreading things that should not be spread in front of mixed company and children. I will leave that.
I was absolutely shocked at Jennifer Lopez. First at the leather thong. When she she turned and mooned her almost bare butt at the camera I was finished. THere was nothing empowering (in my opinion) about that performance. Not too many years ago, they would have been arrested for indecent exposure and lewdness. It was objectifying women, not empowering them.

There is a time to strut our stuff. There is a place to do it. There is a way to do it. We can do it with dignity. We can do it with decency.
SUnday I night, I just walked away.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I loved the show. besides I think what we 'see' depends on our point of view ,kids watching this would not react to it if grownups did not. some kids thought it was very athletic, and we left it at that.
    One wanted to swing on a pole too, well there is gyms that teaches this, I think it depends where the pole is located ,,,,in a gym or dance studio or a sex-club.

    Well that is my thought on the whole thing. emoticon
    59 days ago
    Not a football fan. Missed all the controversy.
    59 days ago
    I know the halftime show is causing controversy. I've seen many comments that the show demonstrated strong women doing athletic thins. Yeah, and they needed more clothes on and more appropriate dance moves. My two sons (8 and 12) did not need to watch that. And so I had the conversation about being appropriate for the situation (which I feel they were not)!
    60 days ago
  • BEDA65
    That halftime show had nothing to do with sports. The costumes weren't much different than what you see on Olympic skating or dance shows, but the gyrations and crotch shots and touching of oneself was disgusting.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    And I don't care whether I'm being controversial. Wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last.
    60 days ago
    I am not a sports fan and Have no use for football (gasp) and never watch such shows, but it sounds like I did not miss a thing. I love the way you expressed this.
    60 days ago
    emoticon 100%. That type of role models enslave young women. It encourages them to believe the lie that their value lies in being a sex object. Then they wonder why men don't treat them with respect. So sad.
    60 days ago
    I didn't watch the Super Bowl or half time show. It really doesn't surprise me about the skimpy outfits. I love their music, but I don't understand why they have to wear such skimpy outfits. As for children watching, I agree as well. Unfortunately, there are different time zones, so I'm sure there were plenty of children watching.
    60 days ago
    Watching social standards slide downhill is always uncomfortable. I remember when Elvis was pointed at for his swivel hip gestures. Times have definitely changed and I believe it puts too much pressure on the young. Dangerous waters ahead. Just imagine a young Latina girl wanting to emulate her favorite celebrity. Overstressed young people make really poor decisions.

    60 days ago
    I enjoy their music and the fact that sakira is 40 and Jlo 50 . I figured the show would be that way, children should not be up at that hour. I did feel that it was over the top,, I loved the part were her daughter sang with her, we have a president who picks on little girls and does not respect women at all, there is no respect for the elderly like before . no please and thank you and holding doors sad world we live in,
    61 days ago
    You did a great job of voicing your opinion. We all of that right and I am glad to hear you state yours.
    61 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    emoticon Ruthie Bear. Not watched Superbowl myself but now I know why! emoticon
    61 days ago
    I also do not watch a lot of American football but I do like watching the Super Bowl. In Canada we do not get the US commercials but of course Canadian commercials have to take as much time as the US ones. I have heard that ours are not as entertaining. As to the half time show - I never watch it. I am not impressed and actually never have been so this year was the same as last year in that I turned to a different channel when it was on. I can only imagine what it was like and I am glad to have turned it off.
    61 days ago
    You absolutely echo my thoughts as well!! I was completely taken back--though it should have not come as a surprise---I thought the lack of decency was more than inappropriate and an affront to women---period!! Both women (?) left nothing or very little to the imagination!! And I realize J-Lo is proud of her booth--and obviously the entire package---BUT to flaunt it … before millions of people---both indecent in my opinion and those I talked to. {I also think it is a terrible example--before young eyes---with a message :"Sex sells!"
    As for the commercials---perfectly strange is all I can say!! Did not care for most all of them.

    Otherwise--yes, there are times we feel like strutting---with accomplishments after hard work---sure we do!!
    61 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/4/2020 10:57:10 AM
    I enjoyed the show but I have watched them before so knew what to expect. I didn’t think about children watching as the half time show was on close to 10 pm way past children bedtime, but when you take into account the time zone I guess there would be lots of young eyes watching
    61 days ago
    Oh man, you have echoed my feelings EXACTLY about the Stuporbowl. I just felt the ½ time show objectified women to the nth degree. **SIGH**

    I did think there was WAY more commercial time than game time, but I do have to say, I found some of the commercials entertaining . . . some.

    I’m with you . . . . dignity and decency. AWOL @ the ½ time show. Sadly. BUT the answer, for me, was to do just that . . . walk away. Got busy doing something and turned it off.

    61 days ago
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