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02/06/2020 Surviving

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Not meant to be a depressing blog...more of an observation.

Along this journey there are days it feels like I am no longer living, but merely surviving.

I gave up smoking.
I gave up meat (99.99% of the time)
I gave up ice cream

People cheer me on and I'm like "blaaaah !!!"

I'm going to be an unpopular comment and say

I liked smoking. I miss it.

I miss ice cream and meats....my body just doesn't let me enjoy it anymore

I like tv time.

I refuse to give up the cheese and wine though. I'm not DEAD after all.

and I workout. nearly daily now. sometimes for 50 minutes or more. With no noticeable results. I do it really for the energy. I do like that.

and the hopes I don't keel over from a heart attack on this island anytime soon.

It's just weird. This aging thing. Hot flashes. and now, every time I talk to my parents or my in-laws it's all about their latest doc visits and their next doc visit and this pill and that problem. **flashback of 16 candles emerges**


if you're in your 20s and 30s. Live! don't just survive!

40 and above?

we're surviving.

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