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Wednesday weigh in including the return of The Bargain Queen

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Glory be.  She arises phoenix like from the ashes, arms held aloft in triumph. She smiles gleefully as she surveys her latest Piston Engine*.  "What are you waffling on about now Tiz - cut to the chase ffs".  

OK OK I hear you.  Remember the rowing machine that wasn't?  I was very disappointed but I figure there's two ways to react to such set backs;

1) Throw a tantrum, stamp my feet, shout, sulk, grump, whinge, whine, and generally throw a pity party.

2) Acknowledge my disappointment then find an alternative.

The problem with 1) is I live alone so who'd even notice?  Besides even if there were others living here, what would such behaviour be saying?  "I'm upset/have a problem and I'm going to behave like a spoiled br@t until someone fixes it for me"?  That's not all growed up like is it?  It's not taking responsibility for my own life. Or happiness. My own contentment or satisfaction. Such a carry on would be giving all my power to A N other.  I don't think so.  

So, how to set about 2)?  I mentioned it on here but also, I turned it into a funny story when chatting with eldest son on the 'phone.  So yeah, I had a little moan to express my disappointment but then was able to laugh about it.  After which of course it was time to look for solutions.  Checked eBay - nothing suitable close enough.  Checked gumtree and f/b market place.  I had the advantage of being able to look in various areas.  Where daughter and son are - nothing.  Back 'home' given The Worker Friend [?] will be collecting me from there next Monday - nothing.  Bristol where The Worker Friend [?] lives and bingo - there was the exact same model being offered for £50 which was still a good bargain although it was missing one of the handles.  Whilst I was waiting for the seller to reply to my message, I checked in my local area.  Nothing right by me but I found this about 40 miles away.

Which you may consider too far as I don't have transport but The Worker Friend [?] was coming up yesterday anyway and it was pretty much en route.  He had to divert off the motorway by a couple of miles which he said he would be happy to do.  So I contacted the seller with a few questions etc.  He was asking £30 so being The Bargain Queen, I offered him £25 which he agreed to.  The deal was done and The Worker Friend [?] picked it up on his way here yesterday.  It also has a handle missing but that isn't too much of a problem to get round.  Given the one on eBay went for £24 I'd have had to pay at least £25 - probably more, so all in all - RESULT! 

As to today's weigh in.  *sigh*  Not even ounces lost this week.  Exactly the same weight as last week.  Meh!  Still, think positive - at least I didn't gain.  As to how to react - see 1) and 2) above.  Also, see reason for not reacting as per 1).  So again, how to set about 2)?  Well take this as my expressing my disappointment.  But hey, I have a cunning plan.  Which includes the rowing machine - natch.  I actually like using rowing machines and they are great for all round exercising.  You just watch, The sun'll come out tomorrow [next weigh in].  I'll lose 2lb + - bet your bottom dollar............


Bright blessings

* Courtesy of Monty Python
Mrs Non-Robinson: "What'd you buy"?  
Mrs Robinson: "A piston engine".  
Mrs Non-Robinson: "What d'you buy that for"?
Mrs Robinson: "It was a bargain".
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