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Thursday, February 13, 2020

We arrived at our destination in sunny Florida! Mild temps, fresh air, friendly people. Unfortunately, we have had a couple of camper hiccups that had dampened our wanderlust. Yesterday it was minor plumbing issues... resolved, but annoying enough to elicit expletive deletives from DH. Then we discovered that the rod in the wardrobe cabinet broke, and all our clothes had tumbled to the floor. I think my hanging shoe organizer may have tipped the proverbial straw. Anyway, we purchased a wood dowel with metal brackets and DH got it fixed in no time. Today, we tackle the kitchen sink. The faucet is clogged and we were advised to soak it in DLR. You can see the pic. If that doesn't work, we will have to get a whole new fixture... something DH is dreading because the space under the faucet is small. Wish us luck! Meanwhile, this is my round about way of saying the stress is taking its toll. We ate leftover chili again (it's gone, yay!), and I had a beer with the meal. I also had a klondike bar (why did I let him talk me into buying it??). Otherwise I did very well with my food choices for breakfast and lunch... and I also managed to get 10k steps in. But I don't have a scale... so I have no clue how I'm doing. I knew this before leaving, but I didn't realize how much I relied on the feedback of the scale... daily. Sure, I understand that weight can fluctuate daily, depending on water balance and other numerous factors. But I reflect on those imbalances to make adjustments in my food choices or activity. So going scaleless for the next two weeks will be a lesson in perseverance for me. That was why I made my Feb goal more realistic: maintain current weight. I will rely on my food tracking and activity monitor to let me know my progress. And as long as I can maintain calories within my limits, and walk every day, I SHOULD be fine. 🤞🤞
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