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Friday, February 14, 2020

Even if you are a onesome, you can treat you to some special love on this Day of Love!
I made a chicken enchilada casserole for all of us for dinner tonight, a Spark Recipe..it was good! Easy to make and most ingredients are those that most of us have on hand. I put a small green salad with it , rounded out the meal perfectly!
Molly got the tasty skin and gristly parts of the rotisserie chicken I got the other day. It was yummy and there is just a taste they have that I cannot replicate at home. So it is an occasional treat that I buy from time to time. Molly stands there and drools when I am getting the meat off of that bird!
We did a dry run for wood today. The online ad showed a load of cut , split wood. We got there and the guy had a cedar tree cut in 21 inch logs that needed split and was a green cut, only taken down a few days ago. Asked him about the picture and he said..oh that is a couple of months old I just forgot to take it down..sigh!! Some more text messages and we found some wood to go pick up tomorrow that is indeed what we need. I don't know if I told you how much my son dislikes, putting it mildly, texting....yet every ad involves texts!! So he did the texting and crumped and complained every step of the way..but NO one had put a phone number in!
The funny thing is ..he told the guy he hated texting and could he please just talk to him. The guy called him back , and Gene went off about what a pain texting is, the guy was laughing so hard you could hear him across the room ,,saying he felt the same way!
With the weather we have coming next week we seriously need to get more wood in for them. I actually think I have enough. I stock up in the summer and fall so that when this time of year I am secure. My son should have the award of "Procrastinator of the Year!"..he manages to put off everything . Maybe this time he will learn? Wanna take bets on that!!
Even the lil birds were happier today. They have gotten so tame they will sit in the branches surrounding the bird feeder or go to the arbor about 15 feet away to watch me put their feed out. When they hear me banging the lid on the feeder they come from miles around I swear!
The pigeons line the electric lines watching as I walk out. My DIL says once they finish here they head over to their place to eat the dog food!! We have some chubby lil birds around here!
I hope everyone had a good day and will have an enjoyable weekend!

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