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02/15/20 Better Things

Saturday, February 15, 2020

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." (Rather struck home with me since I just moved from one city to another. And there are a lot of differences to adjust to.)

"In an attempt to slow down the carpenter ants, the Duffys release inspector ants."

What's Really Important

One warm summer evening a mother was driving with her three young children. A woman in the convertible in front of them stood up and waved. She was STARK NAKED. As the mother was reeling from shock, the five year old said, "Mom, that lady isn't wearing a seat belt!"

It's Susan B. Anthony Day! Anthony, born in 1820, and her family were active in reformation efforts such as abolition of slavery. Anthony began as a teacher and was a strong advocate of education reforms. She later switched to the issue of women's rights, especially the right to vote.
--Angelman Day: today is a day to raise awareness of this rare disease that is a genetic disorder which affects the nervous system and causes developmental and neurological disabilities.
--Annoy Squidward Day: from the world of SpongeBob; on the "Employee of the Month" episode, Squidward is upset and when someone asks him what day it is, he replies "Annoy Squidward?" and it became an annual celebration.
--Flag of Canada Day: today is a national holiday in Canada that celebrates when their current flag was inaugurated in 1965; the Maple Leaf replaced the Canadian Red Ensign.
--National Gumdrop Day: a salute to that cone-shaped, gelatin-based goodie; the origin is unknown but it was popular by the late 1800's; in 1915, Percy Truesdell improved the gumdrop and was known as the gumdrop king; the Apollo 9 Command Module was called Gumdrop due to its shape; the phrase "Goody gumdrops" was invented in the 1950's.
--National Hippo Day: the word hippo is derived from a Greek word that means water horse or river horse; they're actually of the same family as whales, porpoises, dolphins, and pigs; they are the 3rd largest land mammal and spend about 16 hours of their day in the water.
--National I Want Butterscotch Day: a salute to that sweet confection that is made with butter and brown sugar; similar to caramel except caramel uses white sugar and no butter; similar to toffee, but toffee is boiled longer so it reaches a higher temperature and usually doesn't have butter. now I want a butterscotch cookie.
--Remember the Maine Day: today commemorates the sinking US Navy ship Maine and killing of 260 crewmembers in Havana Harbor during the Cuban revolt against Spain in 1898; a lot of speculations as to who was responsible but it did become a political issue and was part of how the US came involved in the Spanish-American War.
--Singles Awareness Day: now that the couples have had their fun with Valentines, today is to remember that it is okay to be single and to celebrate the special relationships of friends and coworkers.
--St. Skeletor Day: created in 1998 by British comedian Richard Herring, this is for those feeling bitter about the ado made over couples when they don't have someone; the name is from the villain in the Masters of the Universe and is to be the antithesis of Valentines.
--World Pangolin Day: observed on the 3rd Saturday of February; a day to celebrate the only scaled mammal, this unique and rare mammal is declining due to poaching and deforestation and is critically endangered; lives on ants and termites and its scales are made of keratin, the same stuff as your hair and fingernails, 8 species in Africa and Asia; the pangolin rolls itself into a ball and has been known to roll away from danger.
--World Whale Day: observed on the 3rd Saturday of February; today aims to raise awareness of these magnificent creatures and raise awareness for the need of protection of their habitats and food sources.

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