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Packing Day and Looking Ahead

Sunday, February 16, 2020

We had dinner out with our friends last evening. We chose a favorite place that I can only describe as an upscale diner. Everyone chose entrees, but I had a breakfast and it was perfect It’s a comfortable room with upholstered seating. As we lingered over coffee the wait staff told us the place will soon close...the property will be demolished and a mixed use high rise will supplant it. After 50 years , it will be gone. Same for a neighbour hood Chinese place that so many here grew up with. Closing at the end of the month. Another condo ? Probably. This city is ruining it’s character. All our old favorites will be gone by the time we get back in April. Not to mention the construction that is scheduled for a building adjacent to us. There is a housing shortage . No denying that, but I have to wonder what thought, if any, goes into town planning. These changes only come about through the greed of developers and rental increases that are outrageous. More high rises just don’t cut it for me. Job one when we return will be to find a better place to live. But I need a little grace, a little charm, some history not only concrete, steel and bricks. A city built by bankers. To me it’s analogous to the giant cruise ships. Like skyscrapers ...and not very appealing. People stacked in rooms, cubes really...and devoid of all romance. It has not been a healthy environment either as we see from the news of late. There must be a better way. I do remember better times having lived in a home on a shaded street in a city that was perfect for walking. Even Montreal is changing so I’m told. Is the population exploding at such a rate that warrants this reckless building ? It can’t be healthy. Huge ocean liners are not healthy. Anywhere you warehouse people... not healthy. I’m planning to walk as much as I can in the desert town we will visit... take in the mountain vistas, drink in the air and sky, and maybe have a better, more positive perspective when we get back. I may even get a little involved - and have already sent a message to our MPP. There must be a better way.
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