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Long Lasting Issues

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

I'm still having issues following my head trauma from January's auto accident. Today, the pain was severe enough to force me to lay down. I'm following my medication protocol to the letter, which is helping. I'm also keeping a daily journal and a calendar to track certain issues. I'm supposed to push myself with activity, according to the neurologist. (I don't think she understands that pushing myself is not the issue. Reeling myself in is more like it!). Every time I really push my movement levels, the next day, I'm flattened. The doctor assured me that this is typical after a brain injury. I just need to be patient. The doctor said this may take between eight weeks and one full year. Since I am already at eight weeks, this is most likely going to be a long haul.

Some of the things (besides all the pain and stiffness) that really bother me are my memory, word retrieval and processing of information. I find it very frustrating, irritating and embarrassing. Trying so hard to remember things, gives me a headache, if I don't already have one. There are days when I'm so frustrated that I could cry. It passes pretty quickly if I distract myself - which is fairly easy since my level of distraction is high. I start talking to another person and, if I'm distracted, can't remember what I was just talking about. I find this maddening! Following and understanding another person in conversation, can also be a challenge. The more tired I am and the higher the pain level, the more trouble I have. For example, since I have a bad headache and lots of neck pain today, it has taken me the better part of two hours to write and edit this blog.

I have good days and bad days. I'm trying to figure out why some days are so much worse than others. The neurologist has put me on a specialized eating plan. It is similar to the Keto diet but it is lower in fat and cholesterol and I can eat fruits as well as vegetables. The plan limits sugar, fats, food additives, processed foods, foods I am sensitive to, chocolate, spicy foods, alcohol (this one is easy because I don't drink), caffeine and sodium. I am supposed to limit my carbohydrates to quinoa, chia seeds, fruits and starchy veggies. My healing depends upon a higher protein consumption, higher fluid intake, higher quantities of vitamin sources and higher fiber. I have days when my body gets rid of lots of inflammation and I live in the bathroom, dumping fluid. Then, I have a series of days when my body craves fluids and holds them. On those days, it is especially important for increase fluid intake. If I understand this correctly, during a brain trauma, tissues in the brain release toxins into the brain and into your system. The neurologist explained this process to me in detail but I don't really remember the process. It is important to have an increased level of fluid so that when the body dumps fluid, your fluid intake helps to clear out the toxins and yet you don't dehydrate. I have been very careful to monitor my fluid levels. As my body heals, this is supposed to improve.

I never realized just how complex the human body is. Every little part of the body, has rules and possible conditions. I know many of us take our body for granted. Just looking at all of the CT scans, x-rays and MRIs was mind boggling. Of course everything is mind boggling right now but even on my better days, I'm in awe of what a beautiful work of art the body is. Our task is to take care of all aspects of the body to keep it functioning well and in top condition. Are we up to the challenge? I'd like to think that the answer is yes.
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    Good days, and lots of positive thoughts from me to You!
    45 days ago
    I sense your discouragement but be patient with yourself and your brain . The beautiful intricately woven , complex , organ commonly referred to as a brain needs special time to recoup when injured . If you broke your arm and needed surgery and all that comes with that , because you can see it you know that it takes time to heal from the inside out . Just because you don't see the bruising or swelling doesn't change the fact that it is there and needs time to heal . I hope they are allowing for physical therapy that targets the type of injury you have which is both physical and cognitive . That would help with the retrieval . I will continue to keep you in my prayers . emoticon emoticon emoticon
    91 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear of all you are experiencing. Please continue to follow what the doctor has ordered. I am praying for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    93 days ago
    Sending hugs and prayers your way , hope u get some relief soon🙏🏻❤️
    93 days ago
    You are a very compliant patient doing all that you can . . . healing from head injuries takes time and is frustrating. Be kind to yourself . . . we care.
    93 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    sending healing prayers your way...…………….. emoticon
    93 days ago
    When cells in the body are damaged, they release chemicals into the blood stream. These chemicals set off a cascade of bodily reactions as the body try’s to protect itself and heal. Fluid levels help balance the quantity of chemicals in the blood stream. Think of strong coffee vs weak coffee. Toxins are removed from the body via urine and by the liver function. Adequate fluid levels assist this process.

    Sounds like you are doing a great job.
    93 days ago
    So very to hear this! Happy to hear that you’re listening to your doctor, but also your body! Please take care of yourself!
    93 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Oh, Cyndi!!!! I am SO sorry to hear this! You have had year after year of disturbances! I have also had my own things return from the sepsis so I understand. The brain issues mostly that you speak of. All of this is NOT "old age" issues! They are not ordinary at all. I am so afraid going to the doctor for almost anything because as soon as I have trouble "remembering" something the doctors look for dementia or other such "normal signs of old age" NOT.

    As I said, I had wondered how you were doing having not seen your around or heard from I understand. I hope you will stay in touch as you can but I understand if you can't! I pray God bless us both and clear these things!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    94 days ago
    Please accept my hugs and prayers as well. We're rooting for you!
    94 days ago
    Please accept my hugs and prayers as well. We're rooting for you!
    94 days ago
    So sorry you're having so many issues. HUGS and glad you're listening to the protocol of the Dr. Prayers for healing. I can't imagine your level of frustration! I would be too.

    94 days ago
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