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April is coming!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

It's a grey day in my city in Japan, but I'm listening to a fun Spotify playlist, looking at some pretty flowers behind my computer, and drinking a fun coffee drink that's super low in calories and unsweetened.

I'm trying to practice gratitude these days and spend less time worrying about things I can't control.

Yesterday when I ended my workday I was feeling super gloomy. My first instinct was to eat my feelings, but I didn't do it! Instead I joined 2 fitness classes on Zoom which really perked me up!

Today I'm spending a little time thinking about how I'm going to take care of my health in April. I can't predict what the world will be like, but I can think of some goals and strategies.

My first huge change for April is that I am now done with weight loss. What?? My inner critic is panicking! Haha. Seriously though, I'm pretty happy with my body these days. There's nothing I can't do (when I'm healthy) and all my health indicators are good. I have no reason to lose weight now besides vanity, and that's not enough of a reason for me. So now my focus is turning to lifelong health, fitness, and working on my brain.

In April, I want to improve my food prep skills. Japanese meals are usually composed of a variety of small dishes, and I really like that. But I don't know how to make that work for a single diner. My SMART Goals are these:
I will research Japanese cooking for 1 before April begins.
I will attempt to incorporate a variety of new dishes into my meal repertoire.
I will focus on including foods that support the immune system.

I really miss my hikes and going to the gym. But I have to work with what I have. My goals will be to get movement for my mood, exercise for fixing my ankle, and possibly building muscle tone for life.
I will do my PT exercises every day, even when I don't want to!
I will try to get one walk a day, depending on my foot.
I will utilize YouTube, Centr, Zoom, and Facebook Live to get in exercise and have fun.

I will continue to meditate daily and study my Bible.
I will practice gratitude with my gratitude journal.
I will continue to work on mindfulness throughout the day.
I will work on staying connected to others when I feel lonely! Y'all, I miss people and I miss normal life! And with the bum ankle, it's hard to do anything normal.

How are you all staying healthy during this time?
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