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First Week of Shelter In Place

Friday, April 03, 2020

It is now day 8 of the Shelter In Place order that began last Friday. At first, I really struggled with it. I don't like being told what I can and cannot do. Then I took some time to think logically about it.

I am still going to the grocery store. If I time it right I do not have to stand in line and because they are limiting the number of people in the store, I never have to fight the crowd. I also do not have to dodge kids that are running loose because they are no longer allowed in the store. It is different because I not only shop for my household, but I also shop for my mother and aunt, both in their 80s. Because the managers know that I have been shopping for them occasionally for the past couple of years, even if there is a limit on an item like milk (and they are not running short) they will allow me to continue to divide my purchases up and get what we all need.

We can no longer go out to eat in a restaurant. Instead, my Mom, who loves to cook, has been experimenting with old and new recipes. Often we all go home with "planned-overs." When someone gets an urge for food from a restaurant we go through the drive-thru. Did I say we? No, I go through the drive-thru because they both have issues with hearing and have a very hard time getting what they want. I have had to go back on more than one occasion because they were told to pull forward, didn't understand, and drove away.

I had my wellness exam in January just to get it out of the way. Now I have no reason to go to the doctor. Unless someone gets very sick there is no reason to risk getting infected in a waiting room. I finally requested that my doctor's office quit calling me 3 times a week because it was interfering with my life. If I lived alone and didn't have family close by that I am in contact with every day perhaps I would appreciate those calls more.

I have a little fenced area behind my trailer that has an awning for shade, comfortable lawn furniture, and fake grass on the ground. I putter around with my potted plants early in the day, and since it has been so dry here I don't even have to deal with the mosquitos later at night when it's cooler. Her Majesty, as my cat prefers to referred to comes out with me and surveys her kingdom. Often the feral cat that has adopted us will come to the fence. They will hiss at each other and then lay down at least a foot from the fence and stare at each other.

I usually go walking on the streets in our park after 10:00 PM with my Mom and my Aunt. By then it has usually cooled down into the 70s and there is usually a breeze blowing in from the gulf. When we get to my Mom's place, I usually stop and talk with her for 30 minutes or more. Then I again walk the streets back to my place. Although many people have left for the season, we still see many people on our nightly walks.

Now I could focus on what I cannot do. I had to cancel my trip to the beach later this month, but the beach will still be there when this is all over. I can't go shopping, but in truth, I have discovered I prefer shopping online and sending back what I don't want to keep. I never was a big shopper.

Instead, I focus on the fact that I can hear from our children and other family members much more often. My son is a truck driver. He told me that there are places that have everything shut down and make it difficult to find hot food or a shower, but overall he has not had too many problems. Of course, he added a small refrigerator and rice cooker to his cab so he can prepare his own meals. He says he is glad that I forced him to learn how to cook now.

I have the opportunity to virtually attend services at my church. An additional blessing is that I get to "attend" services at a church I called home about 10 years ago. I have connected with old friends on Facebook. I take time to be still and pray for this nation and the world.

I have so much to be thankful for and I try to remember that every single day.
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