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just sayin’ … Why did I keep on eating?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I have tried to read Intuitive Eating several times. I give the book back to the public library after reading just a couple of pages … I might get through the Introduction. Trust yourself. Eat only when physically hungry. Stop when physically satisfied. Eat what you want to. No food is good … or bad. Blah, blah, blah … goes my diet mentality rebellious brain.

During the state ordered stay at home isolation … I got my hands on their workbook through our local library ebook system. I must have really, really wanted to read it coz it took me forever to figure out how to download it. So …

I’m still reading.
I’m thinking.
I’m doing the lessons.

Questions, questions, questions. Thinking, thinking, thinking.

But a beloved Sparker asked this question …

What other needs did I have that I was not paying attention to … kindly and attentively and trustingly … while I was eating when I wasn’t actually hungry???

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.
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    Because food is so dang comforting!
    And delicious.
    See if you can possibly find other ways to comfort yourself.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    89 days ago
    Unfortunately a lot of times we are not really hungry when we eat. We must learn to distinguish from stomach hunger, brain hunger and heart hunger.
    89 days ago
    They all said it!
    I will add one trick I'm trying.
    When I create a meal everything I put on my plate is half what I thought I should have.
    Am I satisfied? Almost always yes. When it's "no" it's my brain, not my stomach.
    Keeping notice of this.
    89 days ago
    What a great blog.

    It's so easy to eat --because we are surrounded by a super-abundance of hyper palatable foods.

    And it's so difficult to actually attend to those other needs that it's more difficult to satisfy. To take responsibility for them.

    Or even to acknowledge that maybe we cannot satisfy those other needs.

    Accepting it. Sitting with it. Not taking it too much to heart. Because nothing bad is actually happening at this moment. And the down mood is like weather -- it will pass. Particularly if I hold myself open to being surprised by joy in the present moment.

    Because so often it's when I feel my thinking . . . when I think, "I have this need and it's not being met and it should be met by somebody else and it's not fair that it's not being met and I should be happy all the time and I'm not happy and nobody ever met those needs in the past and nobody is ever going to meet those needs in the future either and I will always be unhappy . . ".

    That I become totally drawn into feeling my thinking.

    Those random 70,000 to 100,000 thoughts that flood my brain every day. But aren't about what's actually happening right now. In the present. Which is not so bad. Which is in fact pretty good.

    And eating to stuff down the random thoughts about what's not happening and the feelings about those thoughts? To the point of discomfort, the stuffed sensation? And to the point of discomfort, carrying around all the excess weight that results from stuffing my feelings?

    Nope, that doesn't work for me either.
    89 days ago
    I am also a NEED to use WW person. I tried to let go, to listen, to follow IE for awhile. I read the book, workbook and I used most of the workbook. I was a part of the IE Spark Team for awhile before making my own Mindful Dieting Team (so I can store all the info I find. Who knew others would hop on board LOL! It's like IE/Dieting.).

    I want to eat sugar and carbs because I like how they taste. I CAN have them, but I just need to measure them. That's where WW fits in.

    My brain ALWAYS, well almost always wants them. The weight stays off when I follow my WW plan. I feel better mentally and physically when I follow my plan. I don't spend lots of time analyzing my eating anymore. I just have the plan to follow. I am either on the narrow path (following WW), or I am off the path (eating too many points), not tracking.

    The weekly studio meetings are very important to me. I had never missed one. The Zoom meetings are not my thing but I will go this Sunday. People not muting really bugs me. I am on the computer all day as a teacher. I don't want to listen to people eat breakfast.

    I know you are looking for "The" plan. "The" thing you will stick to. As you know it isn't easy. Dieting is NOT easy. Eating is easy. Maybe you need to do what worked before and just not stop. Maybe IE is "The" thing?

    Emotional eating IMO will always be there. We can listen, or we can let the thoughts float by. But emotional eating messes with IE. I use IE with WW. If I don't feel hungry, I don't eat.


    89 days ago
    I think I want to stop eating so much but I keep eating. Why?
    90 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    90 days ago
    My problem is I intuitively wanted to eat the cookies. For me, trying to stick to whole foods (harder during social distancing with less grocery shopping) and recording food weightwatchers style is what I must do.
    90 days ago
    It is hard after the 'diet mentality' to get into intuitive eating. It takes getting used to.
    90 days ago
    Very interesting 🤔 And very true.
    90 days ago
    Yes, very interesting. I found myself eating more than I knew was a proper portion late this afternoon... I think it's anxiety over the predicted "Winter's Last Blast" tomorrow! Still, those of us who tend to eat our emotions can learn something by slowing down and contemplating, can't we?

    I count it a victory that I stopped!
    90 days ago
    Drink a glass of water before every meal and you will control your hunger
    90 days ago
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