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just sayin’ … throw out the diet books

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Well, wouldn’t I have to throw out Intuitive Eating as well.

Hehehehe … I crack myself up.

But lo and behold Intuitive Eating is NOT a diet book. It is suggesting that we return to intuitive … instinctive, innate, inborn, self-trusting … eating. Like when we were first allowed to eat when we were hungry and we stopped when we were full. Though our food was selected for us … we wouldn’t eat unless physically hungry. And if someone fed us more than WE wanted … well, that person got it right back on them. Their choice … their bad.

I remember years ago when a BFF and I got together with allll our diet books to ceremonially get rid of them. We had numerous books just alike. We had several we had bought together to do THIS once and for all. We each had a laundry basket full of books. We reminisced. We cried. We laughed. Then without a glance back left them at the neighboring Goodwill and polished off the rest of the wine. The next day … panic set in.

“With each diet, your body adapts and learns how to survive, making it even more difficult to lose weight. With each failed weight-loss attempt, a learned helplessness becomes stronger, resulting in poor self-efficacy and empowerment.”

Hmmm … my words …
With each failed weight-loss attempt, a learned helplessness (sense of self-failure) becomes stronger, resulting in poor self-efficacy (poor self-worth) and empowerment (less self-permission).”

Yep, Yes, you got that right … say it again girls!!!

I feel like a complete failure with no self-worth in the dieting arena and no way do I have permission to eat what ever I want, when I want and the assurance I will stop when my tummy says … screams ... STOP already.

So, which comes first … the chicken or the egg???

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.

Within this blog is my longwinded thoughts based on my reading and my humble understanding of Intuitive Eating and years and years and years of searching for thinness and … self-peace.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is such a great blog that somehow I missed: glad you linked back to it!!

    That IE thing is (for me) about gentle trusting kindly self care. Not just eating whatever I want whenever I want and as much as I "want": but remembering that what I really want is to eat what's good for me and tastes good to me, eating until I am just about full and then stopping. Trusting myself that I will. Because: I can eat again when I am hungry again.
    49 days ago
    It has not been a failure. It is an ongoing learning experience. Hang in there. You will make it.
    88 days ago
    The egg first.
    The chicken?
    No, wait! The egg.

    Why does it have to be a failing? Why not an experiment that needs tweaked instead?
    If all our attempts ended as "failure" should we give up? If that was the case we'd have no light bulbs, running shoes or zippers. Nothing that makes our days better through industrialization and advanced medicine.

    My lack of weight loss, or controlling my eating is NOT failure. I just haven't got it right yet.

    88 days ago
    Yep, when I put myself in the IE mindset I got rid of all diet books. I even donated my 100 Days of Weight Loss books (Sorry Gill if you are reading this). I was free from food is "evil" thoughts. If I was hungry I would eat. If I wasn't I would think am I really hungry? Sometimes I would eat, sometimes I wouldn't. I ate whatever food I wanted. I ignored health. Then I read further and started trying the hunger scale again. Am I a 3 or am I a 7? Hmm. Still have trouble with that, but maybe it's me.

    Then when I was ready I was supposed to fit in gentle nutrition. Well nutrition always needs to matter to me because I am pre-diabetic, so even when all foods are cool I still had to keep that thought in my head. I sill ate more than my body needed, again that's just me. I never lost on IE, but IE is NOT a diet so you should not expect to lose weight. Just be happy with your current body size. My body was not healthy and losing weight was important for me to live. So.. IE not a diet, don't expect to lose weight...

    IE works for many as far as freeing your mind from food thoughts, but they do preach all diets are evil, bad, don't work, and I do not agree. Everything is a business trying to make money. Every plan has it's positives and negatives. Throw away the books you have and buy OUR books. And again I DID use it for awhile. I still use parts of it now.

    But eating is a diet even if you are not trying to lose weight.

    You KNOW how to eat healthy. What is your goal? What is your WHY?

    emoticon to you my AWESOME WORTHY Sparkfriend!
    88 days ago
    "I feel like a complete failure with no self-worth in the dieting arena and no way do I have permission to eat what ever I want, when I want and the assurance I will stop when my tummy says … screams ... STOP already. "

    In my experience, this is THE big stumbling block: to think that, on a dime , with IE, we "should " be able to stop when our tummies are full. And there is no assurance that I will/can stop when my tummy feels full.

    In the beginning for me it felt like being a teenager, -or a two year old- just playing at doing whatever I want, whenever I want

    Again, I am speaking from my personal experience: before being able to stop when full, i had to experience my freedom to have as much as I wanted, for as long as I wanted. And I did put on a lot of weight. But after a while, I started feeling that I was the one in charge and discerning what agrees with me, what makes my body feel good or bad, and slowly, I started experiencing freedom from cravings .

    "DIET" in the previous sense has become another four letter word. My diet, is what makes me feel good not only in the moment, but during the day and the next night. And , yes, I am slowly losing weight. But am still confronted with the same emotional issues that I had before. Except that instead of having to struggle with "DIET" and emotions, I "only" have to face the emotions. And use my common sense. But I feel more free.

    89 days ago
  • SPICY23
    You raise many interesting ideas here. For one, our initial feeding: cry when hungry, eat until full, fall asleep, etc. Key - 'our food was selected for us.' Imagine if we did that for ourselves now.

    If one had a severe food allergy, one would not have much choice but to stop consuming that food. One would find something else to eat instead and probably not go on and on about how unfair it is. We could adopt that mindset regarding junk foods or anything else that doesn't support our goals. Most of us know what we should and should not eat on a regular basis, we just don't accept that we need to do so and keep the 'should nots' for rare occasions.

    Thanks for sharing

    Peace and Care
    89 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    89 days ago
    Good thoughts. Definitely, in the beginning, we knew when we were hungry, stopped when we were full and life moved on. We do need to re-learn that!
    89 days ago
  • QSIESUE1960
    I am with you. My problem is my husband. He has to have junk food and knows I am trying to lose. But it just gives me the chance to test my willpower.
    89 days ago
    Self-observation says that "I have some understanding of what foods make me feel physically good, and what foods I tend to turn to for self-comfort... that do NOT work long-term."

    Once we through out that "learned helplessness" or sense of self-failure, however we want to label it, we can get back to, "what will make me feel good" and get a real, body-supported answer!

    I have to remind myself of this, regularly!
    89 days ago
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