Friday, May 01, 2020

As of this morning, I’ve lost a total of thirty pounds. Some NSV’s I’ve noticed is increased stamina and flexibility. Yesterday I did an aerobics video, and I was able to keep up with the instructor while she did some crazy arm exercises! If you are a senior (like me), check out Silver Sneakers on YouTube...they have great workout videos geared towards seniors.

One NSV I’ve enjoyed is wearing smaller sized clothing. It really does feel good to get into those jeans I haven’t worn in years. I’ve gone down two sizes, but here is the caveat. If I use dress size as a measure, then I’ve gone down one size. You see, for several years, I’ve bought clothes from Plus Size shops...Dress Barn was my go-to. They had nice, stylish clothing that fit, and hid my mid-section fairly well.

So, while I’ve gone down 2 sizes in my plus size clothing, I’ve only gone down 1 size in regular department store clothing. I couldn’t figure out why and then it hit me. Spandex. All of my slacks and jeans from DB are laden with Spandex. Whereas the jeans I have from Macy’s or Belks do not.

Which tells me that my actual dress size from department stores was another size UP. I had stopped going to department stores when it got too hard to find clothes that fit. They just don’t carry anything that large. I remember going to DB the first time and trying on clothes. Only to discover that the size I was wearing at the department stores, actually fit at DB. I was elated!

So....all these years I allowed myself to think that I was still wearing the same size. Of course, it didn’t take long and I was actually back at DB buying a bigger size. So who knows how many sizes I had actually gone up? For now, I am happy to say I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes. I now have 3 pairs of shorts I can wear this summer, plus 3 capris. Then I’ve got another wardrobe for the next size down. After that....I’ll need to go shopping.

And I’ve gone down I’ve been giving away my big girl clothes...mostly to Goodwill. I am totally confident in myself that I will NOT need them ever again! Downsizing feels good. 🤗
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