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I guess I'm a success at weight loss, but "need" to go farther.

Friday, May 08, 2020

At my high, 25 years ago, I was 331 lbs (I am 6'3" tall) I have worked on gradual weight loss over all of those ensuing years, and am now down to 274, or a 57 lb loss. I have had many plateaus, and some slight upticks, but basically it has been a very slow downhill slide to this point.

I have some problems with walking. They are: that I have drop foot from a surgery on my back six years ago. But the main energy problem I have has t do with the stenosis that led to that surgery. Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column, that in my case, put enough pressure on my nerves that they were no longer sending messages to the muscles in my legs to strengthen. Thus, I have had a lot of dead muscle cells in my legs, making just walking very difficult sometimes. Top that difficulty with the fact that I have to propel my 274 lbs forward with every step, and you can see how I would like to lose more weight. (Last Friday and this one had me sitting around for as many hours as I could in the afternoons. Too much muscle fatigue.)

So, that is why I keep at it with eating right for me, and hoping, when I step on the scale each day, to see the numbers go down. Is that too much to ask?
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  • OOLALA53
    With that kind of incentive, it's definitely not too much to ask. Something you didn't ask, though, was anything to augment- not replace- your efforts, but I'm going gently suggest something because it has also been associated with diabetes remission as well as the reduction of markers of the major degenerative diseases associated with aging AND helps people who can't burn many calories through movement. One is the work of Valter Longo, and the other is the strategy of using fasting of various lengths. There are some trendy names in that now, but because they are also often associated with low carbing, which neither of us is in favor of, I won't say them except for one because, though he is a low carber, he is very open to other dietary approaches, is extremely knowledgeable about the science of the regeneration mechanisms that happen during and after fasting, and does not believe that fasting of the length that some many proponents out there are pushing should be done every day. (It's just too extreme, and leaves almost no out when a plateau is reached. Heck, you may think it's too extreme to even consider!) Actually, two: Brad Pilon (not low carb) and Thomas Delauer. Brad has a priceless, IMHO, ten-dollar book, and the other has tons of free videos that have dizzying detail that is helping me gear up. I WISH so much there were more vegan/pescatarian experts also versed in intermittent fasting. Especially for people with mobility issues that keep them from exercising hard, it can be such a great tool to temporarily tighten screws that are basically in good shape.

    I know from another blogs that you said you were leaving for awhile, but I'm throwing this out to you anyway. Congratulations on what you've accomplished so far and warmest wishes.
    87 days ago
  • KATHY1362015
    93 days ago
    Hang in. You’ve done impressive work!
    94 days ago
    95 days ago
    Not to much to ask. You're being healthy and kind to your body, and with each loss, little or bigger, you will feel better. I wonder, if there are chair exercises you can find to do that are compatible with your abilities? I used to do those with the people at my MIL's facility, and it's no small potatoes-there is definite heart-rate raising and calorie burn! You know you have all my best wishes on your journey. emoticon
    95 days ago
    Congrats on the weight released. Every bit helps, right! Keep up the good work. It is no picnic, but you can do it.

    Good luck.
    95 days ago
    Congratulations of losing the 57 pounds. Great job! It's not too much to ask. Health and wellness is a lifelong endeavor and you're on the right path. I wish you the best Glenn.

    95 days ago
    No, it is not too much to ask, and congratulations for the 57 lb. loss. Could you use an exercise bike, or would that also be tiring because of the surgery...
    95 days ago
    Nope, NOT too much to ask . . . and the weight will keep falling steadily if you keep eating and exercising the way you are!! It's amazing what a different every additional pound off can make . . .
    95 days ago
    I wish you well you have done great. I have been on this plan for quite some time and I have lost about the same as you I am now at 180 and have been for some time. I do believe that maintaining is very important and something I have not been able to do before. There are many exercise for chair use on the tv. This may help you when the walking is so difficult.

    Just keep on sparkin'
    95 days ago
    Keep at it Glenn! Are you able to use a stationary bike? Anything to help build leg strength would be a bonus. Also try to avoid sitting for long periods, aim to get up and move for at lest 5-10 minutes every hour. Every movement you make will equate to more strength, better balance and a feeling of accomplishment. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    95 days ago
    You got this. We are here for you.
    95 days ago
    You can do this Glenn....I know you can....NO..it is not too much to ask and if you focus and follow with actions I will be celebrating 100lbs lost with you before you know it....
    You can do this!!!!
    95 days ago
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