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MAY'S BLOSSOMING, DAY 16: First Time For Everything

Saturday, May 16, 2020

hello Spark Friends! Whew, what a week!

I did finally get in touch with my MD and got some antibiotics. They helped, but they make me a little sick. Oh well!

I had a major breakdown on thursday. I was already late with posting grades and I own that..... somehow I had the dates messsed up in my head when they were due. Then we have all this new grading for Covid19 because we had to shut down the college so suddenly. Of course the technology did not want to work for me and I had pressure from all angles about getting those grades posted. Hubby came home and helped and he felt like that was great! He felt he was doing good by helping. I tried to express it in a calm way, but then i lost it and screamed at him! I don't want his help. I want to be able to do MY jog by MYSELF. I used to be able to do so before all the new updates and new programs. I really don't know if i can continue but know i must do something. After we got the grades posted I just went to bed.

I've walked outside a few times this week with my 1 neighbor and even her husband. We walked today before it got too hot and it was still hot! LOL.

Today I attended my other next door neighbor's dog's funeral. Yep. It was a true funeral service for her beloved Jax. Her uncle is a pastor and he carried Jax's body in a box and led a procession from the front yard to the back. Then he preached a funeral service and then my neighbor gave an eulogy and then her sister said a prayer and they buried him. The preacher was so sweet. He placed some of Jax's toys and sweaters (she always dressed him in bow ties and sweaters) and said here's your favorite toy Jax, and here's your favorite sweater, and here's a picture of your Mama, who is my neighbor.... It was really touching and a true first for me!

I did my workout this evening and spent the rest of the day listening to music and reading. Hope you are doing well!

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Always grateful for my Sassy girl, for neighbors, for preachers who will bury dogs, for sunshine & warmth!

Saturday’s Synchronicity: Sleep is God. Go worship.~Jim Butcher

Happy National Mimosa Day, National Armed forces Day, Love A tree Day, National Sea Monkey Day, Wear Purple For Peace Day, Biographer's Day, Do Dah Day, Honor Our LGBT Elders' Day, International Day of Light, National Learn To Swim Day, National BBQ Day, National Piercing Day & World Fiddle Day!

What’s the difference between a violin & a fiddle?~the spelling!*What’s the difference b/t a fiddle & a violin?~A violin has strings & a fiddle has strangs!*What’s the difference b/t a violin & a fiddle?~It’s a fiddle if you are buying one, a violin if you are selling!~It’s OK to spill beer on your fiddle!~The nut holding the bow!*I went into a really bad pub called The Fiddle.~It was a vile inn!*What did the photon say when asked if he needed help with his luggage.~No, thank you, I’m traveling light!*Just unscrewed a lightbulb.~I’m delighted!*“We don’t serve faster than light particles here.”~A tachyon walks into a bar…!*Got a job as a theatre lighting technician once.~It was spot on!*Traffic lights on my road have broken.~No change there!*A man walks into a dentist and says I think I’m a moth. The dentist says You need a doctor not a dentist.~He replies I know but your light was on!*

One thing you learn in a long marriage is how many sneezes to wait before saying, "Bless you."~Robert Brault~~Champagne and orange juice is a great drink. The orange improves the champagne. The champagne definitely improves the orange.~Philip, duke of Edinburgh~~Recruitment and retention are critical to sustain our Armed Forces with the best men and women willing to stand in the gap and make huge sacrifices to ensure our freedom.~Zach Wamp~~How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she roes!~Maya Angelou~~Sea-Monkeys are hybrid brine shrimp and the brainchild of the mail-order entrepreneur Harold von Braunhut in 1957. When their crystallized eggs are submerged in water, minuscule crustaceans emerge; they can grow up to 2 inches long.~Brenden I. Koerner~~How dear the woods are! You beautiful trees! I love every one of you as a friend.~Lucy Maud Montgomery~~The water is your friend. You don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move. ~Aleksandr Popov~~Seventy-five percent of our planet is water - can you swim? ~Unknown~~A dog is much like a married man, obeying his master's voice for the sake of his master's touch.~Robert Brault
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    We all know that Anthony's heart was in the right place!

    234 days ago
    It’s a crazy time, but this too shall pass and though it will be different, life will carry on...
    241 days ago
    I've never heard of a funeral for a dog before-interesting!

    This virus causes everything to go crazy! 2 nights ago I couldn't even watch a movie I taped because the internet flipped out on me! Yes I am Ms. Independent but at that point I would have given anything to have someone help me! I ended up deleting it because every time I went to watch it, it would not play! A year plus ago I wanted to go a online Bible Study and I could not figure it out, I was in tears and my son would not help me so I couldn't do it. You are so blessed! You have a husband and friends who are willing to help you!!!
    243 days ago
    Awwwww, sorry it was a tough day. I think DH's just want to fix things when you are having trouble and don't understand the need we have for independence. Glad you did get the grades posted. **SIGH**

    243 days ago
    Sounds like a touching funeral.Rest in peace Jax.You were well loved.
    244 days ago
    Sometimes we husbands get in a rush and just want to fix it now and not help work through the steps. Doesn't make it right but my wife still gets upset even after 50 years. It would help I guess if we both worked to meet in the middle?
    244 days ago
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