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Day 29: Doctor Appointment

Saturday, May 30, 2020

emoticon Yesterday was kind of a busy day so I didn't end up posting. Fritzy and I watched a bunch of episodes of 600-lb Life before I took him to his dad's and then after I got back I just went to sleep and didn't get up until late this morning. But on Thursday I had a doctor appointment and my doctor says my pulse and blood pressure are doing really well! The blood pressure medicine I'm on is working great apparently even though it's a really low dose. I got my blood drawn so hopefully I will get to see how I'm doing on everything, on my cholesterol levels, sugars, etc. I'm hoping that eating healthier has improved the numbers.

emoticon Nutrition: Nutrition is going really good. I'm eating a lot less these days and staying within my calorie range. I've lost a few pounds, as well. Macros are even looking pretty good right now:

Sugars 231 (Goal 0-90g)
Sodium 2981 (Goal 500-2300mg)
Fibre 45 (Goal 25-35g)
Protein 104 (Goal 60-232g)
Carbs 428 (Goal 253-431g)
Fat 69 (Goal 50-103g)

I'm doing much better on everything. Even my sodium and sugars are down. And all my other macros look really good. So I'm happy about my nutrition right now.

emoticon Fitness: I need to work on fitness. I didn't get that many steps yesterday and I didn't do any exercise either. I plan on working out today sometime and hopefully will be moving around more than I was yesterday. I was getting over 4K for quite a few days in a row for a while, but that ended up exhausting me, so hopefully I can build up a bit more stamina.

emoticon Water: I've got my water bottle filled up this morning and planning on tracking all my water today. Lately I've been drinking some water but not tracking it so I'm going to try my best to start tracking it again so I know how much I'm drinking.

emoticon Cigars: I've been doing good on cigars but haven't been tracking those either. I have definitely been smoking less, though. My doctor wants me to quit because he says my ribs will stop hurting then. So I'm going to try harder to quit.

emoticon Meditation: Didn't meditate yesterday as it was such a busy day, but planning on meditating this weekend. Just going to catch up on everything this weekend.

emoticon Sleep: Sleep has been really good lately. I've actually been getting the right amount of sleep lately and that could be contributing to why I'm eating better and losing weight again.

emoticon Motivation: My motivation right now is to see good numbers at the doctor's office. I don't see my doctor again for six months and I want to make some improvements not only on the scale but with my other health aspects, as well.

emoticon Non-Scale Victory: My NSV is having such excellent blood pressure at the doctor's office. I'm doing well with at least that aspect of my health right now and I'm proud of that.

So that's all for now. More later! emoticon
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