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YAY!!! Last 5% Weigh In & Things Are Opening

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Thrilled I lost 6.4 pounds in the 2020 Spring 5% Challenge. Other challenges in my life seemed to distract me at times, but I wanted a strong finish this last week. I accomplished an important milestone - I am no in the 180's! At 176.4 my weight can fluctuate a bit and I will still be a 170-er.

Week 1 4/11/20 182.8
Week 2 4/18/20 181.6
Week 3 4/25/20 181.2
Week 4 5/07/20 182.8
Week 5 5/09/20 183.0
Week 6 5/16/20 183.0
Week 7 5/23/20 180.6
Week 8 5/30/20 176.4

Food. Back to regular meals 1500 calorie target.

Sleep. Will try no sleeping pill tonight.

Exercise. Day 3 of group exercise.

NOOM - link something you like to do with something you don't like to do - link a reward to a duty. I am building my list and this motivational tool does work.

1) I walk the dog/listen to an audio book. 4 PM hubby and I walk the dogs together and we chat. It makes our dogs so happy when we all go together and have playtime in the field.
2) Go to bed earlier/watch a TV show. Don't watch much TV so it's enjoyable.
3) Slimfast = good weigh ins. Aim for one day a week, or 3 Slimfast breakfasts.
4) Daily videochat & YouTube exercise at 11 AM with my friends. Makes it a habit and fun.

I got some SparkMails asking about exercise with Facebook videochat and a YouTube exercise video. I hope I am describing this well enough.

Today 6 of us IRL friends did a videochat & YouTube exercise video at 11 AM, each from our own homes.

Equipment required 1) a device to show the YouTube video 2) another device to connect to Facebook Messenger Group. We cast the exercise video to our TV, and I open up Facebook on my laptop. I haven't tried it but maybe it can be done with just one device.

1) In Facebook Messenger create a group with the names of people who are participating in your group. Our group is called 11 AM Exercise.
2) Set a time to meet online each day.
3) Take turns selecting a YouTube exercise video of the day, and message the link to the group the night before. Note details about special equipment - weights, chair, stretch bands.
4) Position your Facebook device so you can be see and be seen. Don't forget your water!
5) At 10:56 AM I send a Messenger telephone call to the group. We all answer, turn on our video and microphone, so all can be heard and seen.
6) We talk and try to synchronize the start of the video, but if it's off a bit we try again or just shut off our microphones. When we do a countdown and start, there is usually an audio delay and it doesn't work out. So we each listen to our own video, or if it's fairly close I will shut off my YouTube audio, and listen to someone else, then we can talk if we want, but usually don't.
7) When it is over we chat for a bit, just like we would at the gym and the next person is named to choose an exercise video.

We are doing the seniors' exercises because we are not all at the same fitness level. It's great to have fitness friends again.

Today we took Royce to the groomers so I ordered butter chicken and extra spicy butter chicken (Indian) pizzas and several other types for pickup . I came home, cooled off the pizzas, packaged them up and put them in the freezer without tasting. We go out so seldom I try to combine things.

In the next while we may have family members over for a meal. I will likely have disposable plates/utensils, cans of soda, a microwave in the garage, and frozen pizza to serve. Each person can nuke their own food and wipe down the microwave with sani-wipes. We can space ourselves out in the backyard.

I learned today that our province, B.C. was much different for COVID-19 Stay At Home orders than the other provinces. I read 'A growing number of Canadian shop workers are back on the job, after the easing of government orders that had closed most stores in Canada except in British Columbia.' Here any type of store that sold food could stay open. Restaurants and fast food could opt to do take out orders. Home Depot, Walmart, COSTCO, $ Store, pet, liquor, pharmacy, medical supply, gas stations stayed open. Today I saw a hair, nail and tanning salons are open. The local pub and playgrounds opened yesterday. Schools open Monday. Here we have the fewest new cases since March, some days it's zero. As good as this all sounds, next week we are getting restocked for a possible second wave. We continue to wear our masks when we must be out at shops. Around our neighborhood we all social distance so no masks.

Misc. info - there is a ban on large cruise ships in Canadian waters extended through to October. The federal government is discussing a 4 day work week so more workers can participate in the labor market. Interesting to see where that goes.

What is life like where you are?
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    Thanks for sharing your virtual workout set up. That is great. I'll have to check it out with my friends and family.

    38 days ago
    My life hasn't changed much. During April, I worked 3 days a week instead of 5 and went grocery shopping every 2 weeks, but now I am back to working 5 days a week and a major grocery shop once a week which is normal for me. I go to work, go home, etc., which has been my normal routine for years. I rarely interact in person with people outside of work, which is also my historical norm. I do go to the library once a week for a knitting/crochet group which is usually 3-4 of us and to a couple of board meetings a month (these were canceled in April, but resumed in May).

    Several of us in this area believe we were hit with the virus in early 2020 (Jan-Mar). As we find out more about the symptoms, we are seeing the patterns we dealt with. Officially, our area has no diagnosed cases, but at the time there was NO capacity for testing...

    Montana is opening up gradually, with phase 2 to start Monday. We have seen a spike in cases clustered in two areas (with a few outliers) since the first phase started, but a least one cluster was a group of co-workers. The other cluster is in a tribal area where there are many multi-generation households.

    So far, our statistics are still fairly low compared to a lot of places.

    39 days ago
    i say open everything NOW. the remedy has caused more harm right now than the cure. people are out of work can't pay their bill, health things that were supposed to happen cant.... open everything up!
    40 days ago
    Congrats on a great challenge! My was more of a train wreck and was derailed. Thanks for the encouragement emoticon
    40 days ago
    Fantastic result!
    I’m pushing to get to Onederland in BLC43!
    40 days ago
    have a great weekend
    40 days ago
    40 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    Everything is opening up here too, slowly. I'm loving it!
    40 days ago
    emoticon Great way to end the spring challenge! emoticon
    40 days ago
    Congrats on the 6 lb loss! Things where I live in are much the same as yours. Stores are open but with shorter hours. Wearing masks is only about 50%. Great that you have a group exercise virtually. I think we will see more group meetings go virtual for work and church activities. Enjoy your Summer!
    40 days ago
    40 days ago
    Thank you for sharing!
    40 days ago
  • LIS193
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    40 days ago
    Congrats on being in the 170's! You did it!

    That is great you have a group to connect with even while at home. It does make a difference.

    emoticon emoticon
    40 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/31/2020 12:57:17 AM
    GREAT Job Lynn!! ENJOY the gathering too.

    I live in the hot spot in Maine, so though we are very slowly going to open, it's not going to be near normal for quite some time. Schools here are closed (The entire state) for the year (Until at least the Fall) and in our area there's talk about some kids going in the morning (than homework for the afternoon) and the other kids doing classes in the afternoon (homework to be done in the AM) or some kids one day the rest the next day. But it's all so up in the air. On the table, but likely rejected is more virtual learning. Possibly having school as it was b4 the virus, but that's doubtful. As you know I work with a local school. I am still not sure if I'll go back.
    40 days ago
  • MMRDJE76
    Great job
    40 days ago
    Congrats on the weight loss! My county has about 5,000 cases and about 400 deaths. We are reopening slowly right now. My church reopened this weekend, but I am opting to go to the smaller Sat. morning services rather than the larger Sun. morning services, and I will only be going twice a month. I am still going very few places other than that if possible. I go to the grocery store once a week and that's about it. I am working from home through the end of June then supposed to go back to the office, but I am going to talk to my boss next week about continuing to work from home. I am concerned about getting sick still. We will see what he says. Because I am so new to the job he may say no, though I am doing fine working from home now. I really hope he says yes. I have jury duty in two weeks and I am really worried about being around so many people for that.
    40 days ago
    We are a hotspot. New cases and more deaths than the surrounding area.
    40 days ago
    Arizona is an interesting place. The governor wants everything to open, lots of people, families With children and seniors, are saying they are not ready to go out. Big business is letting people continue to work from home. You can put food in front of people but if they don’t like kale, they won’t eat it.

    It is hot here so It is not healthy going outside between 8am and 7 pm.
    40 days ago
    Sounds like you're having good success! Congratulations.

    It is scary that things are opening up so quick, for me, and just taking MY own time.

    Stay well, stay safe.
    40 days ago
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