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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's day to all the dads out there. This has been a busy week, great visit with the kids last weekend, busy short work week, ending with the Doctor's visit. I was supposed to be scheduled for my annual physical, but due to the virus, they are running about three months behind on physicals. So I will get mine on August 10. This office does a thorough physical/emotional physical. When he saw the bruises and cuts on my arm from last week, he took a picture. I told him all I have to do is scratch my skin with my fingernail, my skin will split. Said he never seen it before. He said thin skin is one thing but I seem to have a strong case of it. I got my referral for a new Ortho surgeon, and will call on Monday to set an appointment for a consult. Since our retreat has been cancelled it is full speed ahead by me. Had church last night, and didn't realize that while they are streaming/videoing the Mass, I am being caught as the cantor is right next to the ambo, so when the readings are being done, everyone can see me. I can also check how I sound by listening to the Mass. You can visit https://stanthonyhr.org/ and click on the Sunday mass video. This wasn't my best week, as I didn't find out the songs we were singing until Saturday afternoon, so not much time to prepare. I am working to build up the confidence of the lady who sings with me, who is fighting breast cancer, and says she doesn't have the voice she had before chemo and radiation. She had (and I think still has) a beautiful voice, but is not up to par. And she says the three months of no singing at church makes it even more rustier. Today, it is quiet day for us. Will grill a couple of steaks and either make my sizzling ceasar steak salad or will do steak and spaghetti to remind us of our first day which was at the Spaghetti Factory downtown on the wharf area. We both had sirloin strip and spaghetti! And just watching some movies today. Dogs are mellow. Mike and Gemini are going through a phase. I think Mike is jealous of Gemini, and keeps chewing his collar off of him. Last night he chewed and ate a leather collar off. Only thing left was the connector and his dog tags. This is the third collar in two weeks. I told Mike he will be locked in a bedroom when we leave them alone.
Brad sent us a picture Emerson made for him at summer school. It was 5 reasons he loves his father. It was so precious. They are trying to unpack and setting into their new house. So I hope you all have a great Sunday. Work week comes soon enough!
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