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06/30/20 Challenges

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what make life meaningful." Joshua J. Marine

"I wish going to the gym was as easy as going to the fridge!"

from DEE107
Banana Bread

The banana loaf I was making was in the oven when my 16-year-old came into the kitchen where the family had gathered.
"That bread smells about done don't you think, Mom?" he asked.
I told him I had set the timer and it still had five minutes.
A little later he repeated his suggestion. "Mom, I really think that loaf is done. Maybe you should check it."
Always quick to come to my defense, my 13-year-old son said, "Eddie, Mom’s been burning that banana bread for 20 years now. I think she knows when to take it out."

- From Clean Laffs

It's Social Media Day! Today we recognize and celebrate the impact of social media on global communications. Evolving from letter writing to the telegraph, then the telephone, communications from the 1960's have embraced the internet as a way of staying close. It has its problems but, for the most part, it has been a benefit.
--International Asteroid Day: today is an UN initiative to commemorate the anniversary of the Tunguska impact over Siberia in 1908, leveling nearly 500,000 acres of forest; night skies reportedly light up as far away as Asia, and the seismic shockwave registers in England; the initiative is to raise awareness of the need of plans for possible impact hazards.
--Leap Second Time Adjustment Day: today is about the small adjustment made in time to compensate for the difference between time and the spin of the earth; scientists don't always make adjustments to the atomic time clock but when they do, it's either December 31 or June 30
--National Corvette Day: on Friday we had Drive Your Corvette to Work Day as a lead to this day when the first Chevrolet Corvette rolled off the line in Flint, Michigan on June 30, 1953; from bing: " The 'Vette had been designed solely for the 1953 New York Auto Show, but enthusiasm from the public and Chevy's chief engineer led to production of this consumer model. It will become an iconic sports car, with the one millionth Corvette being produced in 1992".
--National Meteor Day: today is a complement to the International celebration but more focused on the myth of wishing on a falling star, the visible streak of light by debris falling to Earth from space; the tradition of wishing on the shooting star is noted even in 127 AD; in Greek mythology, the gods had pulled the clouds aside to watch Earth and don't notice that some of the stars have slipped through and fall towards Earth.
--National Organization of Women Day: today honors NOW, founded in 1966, to address and fight for women's civil rights and equality; I remember the uproar when they first formed years ago but they were critical to moving women's rights forward; I benefited from that fight as one of the first few women in 1971 to go into electronics in the Navy which was a male-only position.
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