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Blogging & vlogging 6 week progress report

Sunday, July 05, 2020

I love keeping track, journaling, blogging, etc. Lately, I've been vlogging (a first for me) on YouTube. I don't really have a following, I just thought it might be interesting to 'see' things unfold for me and share with some friends. This is actually good for me because it's always been hard for me to open up and step out of the shadows. I've been talking about why I started this journey, my history with food, and a sort of picture diary keeping track of everything I eat. You can hit me up with a message if you wanna exchange vlog links or check it out.

But here for now I thought I'd do a little comparison of where I was at when I started 6 weeks ago, and where I am now.

6 weeks ago: my blood sugar levels were normally between 150 and 250, sometimes hitting the 300s!

This week: my blood sugar levels have gotten stable, are normally between 80-120 (or up to 140 after a meal). I also had to cut one of my diabetes meds in half because for a while there my blood sugar levels were getting too low.

6 weeks ago: I begged my Dr. to send me to physical therapy because I couldn't stand or walk more than 10 minutes without bad back pain. At the gym all I could do was light stretching and 10 minutes on the treadmill at .5 mph.

This week: I can stretch better and have better mobility. I do 60 minutes on the treadmill at 1.5 mph on a 4-7% gradient, plus 5 minute cool-down, then 20 minutes of strength training. I can also do laundry, cook a meal, etc. without massive pain.

6 weeks ago: I weighed in at 333.
This week: Weighing in at 322 (I actually went up 2/3 pounds when it came around time for my period and I'm bloated because the period won't come! Damn pre-menopause!)

6 weeks ago: I would eat large amounts of mostly processed foods-- chicken nuggets, burgers, fries, tater tots, mac & cheese, canned chili, etc.

This week: I've been eating lots of fruits and veggies, eggs (mostly whites), avocados, nut butters, limited amounts of sprouted wheat or whole-grain breads, oatmeal, lean meats and beans.

So it's only six weeks, but it's been big progress. emoticon emoticon
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