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07/09/20 Journey with Friends

Thursday, July 09, 2020

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles." Tim Cahill

A man went to the doctor’s. The doctor came in and said, “Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.
The bad news is that you have an inoperable brain tumor.
The good news is our hospital has just been certified to do brain transplants and there has been an accident right out front and a young couple was killed and you can have whichever brain you’d like.
The man’s brain costs $100,000.00 and the woman’s brain costs “30,000.00.”
The patient could not help but ask, “Why such a large difference between the male and the female brain?”
The doctor replied, “The female brain is used.”

It's Call of the Horizon Day! Today is about that urge to travel to that far spot where sky meets land. Have you imagined what it would be like to just keep going down the road to that spot that's just always a bit further?
--Fashion Day: today is to showcase one's fashion sense to the world; a fairly new celebration where participants wear their most fashionable clothing and share pictures on social media; from checkiday: "Fashion can be defined as an aesthetic expression through clothing, as well as through footwear, hairstyle, accessories, makeup, and more. Fashion exists at a specific time and place and within a social context, and designates what dress is a "social signifier." It often is supported by the fashion industry and tied to a fashion season. It lasts longer than a "trend," and is distinct from "style," which lasts many seasons and is often connected to culture, cultural movements, and class."; this day could be timely as people are tired of staying home and no reason to dress up.
--Martyrdom of the Bab Day: a religious observance of the Baha'i faith in commemoration of the execution of the Baha'i founder in 1850.
--National Don't Put all your Eggs in One Omelet Day: a culinary twist to the idiom about eggs and baskets; for today, don't focus on just one thing to the point you don't see other options; time to take off the blinders.
--National Sugar Cookie Day: today is a salute to a basic cookie of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla that can be made into so many shapes and decorated in so many ways; origin is from the 1700's Pennsylvania German Protestants.
--Nunavut Day: observed in Canada to commemorate the passage of the Nunavet Act by the Parliament of Canada; from nationaltoday: "Along with the Nunavet Land Claims Agreement, it officially declared Nunavet as a distinct region that is legally separate from the Northwest Territories. The act was originally passed on April 1, 1999 but we celebrate Nunavet Day later—the day of the passage of the Nunavet Land Claims Agreement on July 9, 1993, which is more historically significant."
--In 1877, Wimbledon hosted the first tennis championship in London.
--Heads up: Today used to be National No Bra Day but that celebration has been moved to October; so Victoria Secret is relieved temporarily and we'll just have to wait for our freedom.
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