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Week Two of 5% Summer Challenge

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Lost two pounds this week...woot! And I hit 40 pounds loss, another milestone! Woot! Woot! Just shy of reaching halfway to goal!

That being said, I turn my sights to week two. We are to continue with the water challenge, as well as planning/maintaining a daily routine. I did well last week, except I never got around to doing an exercise video on YouTube. And boy am I feeling it! When I go for long walks (2-3 miles), I suffer from what can only be described as back muscle spasms. Everything I’ve read seems to point out to a weak core. It makes sense bc I carry the majority of my weight in my abdomen. For years, my belly has hung out like a pendulum! I quit trying to suck it in years ago, bc it was just impossible! That stops Now!

This week I will make sure to add an exercise video to my daily routine. I will set my alarm to remind me. My daily routine will look like this:

Daily Schedule:
6am: get up, make coffee, Spark, FB, check emails emoticon
7am: feed pups, clean poo emoticon
7:30am: go for walk emoticon
8am: shower/dress emoticon
9am: breakfast, clean kitchen, plan dinner emoticon
10am: workout to YouTube video emoticon (Only did this once last week)
11am: relax emoticon
12 noon: lunch emoticon
1pm: Household chore emoticon (Soooo many!)
3pm: errands emoticon
5pm: watch evening news, cook dinner emoticon
6pm: dinner, clean kitchen emoticon
7pm: watch fave shows emoticon
10pm: bedtime emoticon

Another task we are tracking is Nutrition. We are to track every morsel we eat! For the most part, I do this. I am challenged to see if I can eat within my calorie perimeters every day. But I do have my off days...sometimes I don’t track at all, sometimes I only track a couple meals. So this week, I’ll step up my game, and track it all!

Saturday: emoticon
Sunday: emoticon
Monday: emoticon
Tuesday: emoticon
Wednesday: emoticon
Thursday: emoticon
Friday: emoticon

Wish me luck as we have family coming to town tomorrow and Friday! I’ll update my progress next week. Spark on!
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