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Sending My Daughter Off

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hello Sparkfriends!

Happy Saturday to you all! My Saturday is not so happy, but I have many things to keep me busy today and I will look for the good!

This morning, I saw my youngest daughter off (again) as she drives back to Texas so she can prepare for her sophomore year at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. She is taking a huge step in her life as she will be moving in with her boyfriend there. We are not on board with this living arrangement, but, alas, she is an adult. We like her boyfriend. He is a few years older. Smart, ambitious. He has goals. He treats her like a Queen. He graduates from college this fall. He is of left leaning persuasion, as are his highly educated parents, and this is a VERY HUGE DEAL to us.
My husband is driving she and her cat for 12 hours today in her packed car. During a pandemic.
Oh, and did I mention Corpus Christi made the national news last night?

That’s right, Corpus Christi is one of the hottest spots for the virus in the US right now. I’ve been following the news there, and the anti maskers and virus deniers are in full force. In addition to the idiots (sorry, there is no other word) that keep flocking to the coast to vacation. It’s unreal. And now they are ordering morgue trucks because things are so dire.

My hometown. The city where I am sending my baby girl to live.
Her job experience is in food service, first as a hostess, now as a server. Her boyfriend is a good cook for nice restaurants. This is the last place I want either of them to be right now. I do know they are both trying to be extra careful, and both respect and believe in science. We don’t even know for sure what her campus will do for school yet. I hope they can get a handle on things super soon there.

I sure did enjoy having her here with me for a while. She cooked for us. She cleaned. She helped me go through boxes. I will miss her daily presence. Avery is an amazing young woman. She is VERY politically involved and is a staunch supporter of women’s rights, racial equality, LGBTQ rights, animal rights. I know she will do great things someday.

Last night, she, her sister, and I went for one last walk together.


My husband made us steaks and we had an amazing meal with parmesan asparagus, baked potatoes and jalapeño poppers. You may think it is just another dinner, but for us it was special. We all sat down together at the table which is not how we usually roll. (We are a very untraditional family in many ways. I eat standing up in the kitchen, my husband eats at table, my daughter eats at desk. We all eat at different times a lot. Even different meals, LOL).

Anyhoo, even Butter sensed something last night. He climbed up in her lap as she and I sat chatting on the patio together.

And then this morning, saying goodbye (for now).


Oh my Mom heart. Please say a little prayer for all of us.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, what bittersweetness. I am so sorry you're sending her into a hot spot and so happy that she sounds like a wonderful young lady with a good head on her shoulders. My daughter is 17, and we are a year away from that time, and I think each time my heartstrings will stretch a bit more? Thoughts for your wellbeing and her safety, and good luck!
    27 days ago
    Good luck to her! Wishing *you* peace, and CC health. Are they TX voters? Cuz that's a silver lining if they are...Obama was asked how someone could make the most impact? 'Move to a red/purple state!'

    In some ways, living with a partner is a good trial for a relationship in the steps of commitment, at least that's what I told my folks. I think it was true. Good that he's a good guy & she sounds level-headed and smart. Sweet that even the dog knew! Nice to have the fam sit-down together.
    emoticon Good luck!
    29 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/13/2020 7:20:28 PM
    Oh, how sweet, what a beautiful family. Awesome that your hubby was home for her last dinner at the house with you all. Sounds special. It is a tough time for her to move back, and with a boyfriend! no less. But glad you like him. I couldn't imagine living with my boyfriend my sophomore year (glad I was forced to live in the dorms for 2 years and then with best girl friends for the other 2 years).
    Hey, did you know I am an Aggie!? College Station. and lived at home with mom or dad during the summers too. Of course it was only a 4 hour drive for me to go home to North TX to visit any time.
    Maybe now is a good time for her to find different type of work :) if she can find it.
    I don't even want to think about sending my kids off to college.. I have time and if I'm lucky they will stay local at UW.
    Hugs to you and bless your mom heart :)

    29 days ago
    Your daughter is not only beautiful, but smart, and will not let the naysayers convince her to be unsafe. You must be very proud of all your family.

    No wonder you have been stressed this past week, knowing that she would be leaving soon for Texas. I hope things quiet down soon there. Many of the Canadian universities are doing online study this fall, with special arrangements for labs (my son is a physics professor).

    I know your prayers go with her, and I will keep her in mine too.

    30 days ago
    30 days ago
    It’s sad to see your daughter go off to Texas to prepare for her sophomore year at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Having to deal with a daughter living with her boyfriend is a big deal, but as she is an adult, she will be a responsible person. I had to deal with that when our eldest daughter moved to Ridgecrest with her at-that-time boyfriend from Idaho where she graduated from the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID. The main thing is that her boyfriend is an honest, decent, caring person, and from what you indicate, he is all of that.

    Oh no, to be in the epicenter of the virus! I’m praying that she keeps safe and no harm comes to her. What a great send off with a daughters-mother walk and an amazing dinner. It’s really nice to have a sitdown with family and enjoy the company of the clan. emoticon

    It’s a sad day to send the children off to college (I’ve done that three times), but in the end, you hope they make the right decisions about life and that their choices are something they can live with. My three children are now adults (41, 39, and 37) and are productive members of their community. The oldest lives in Ridgecrest with 2 children (15 and 12), our son lives here on island with 3 children (11, 9, 6), and my baby is not married and lives with us. She works at the Community College and is very helpful to us. We are lucky enough to have her here with us. Eventually, though, she will get married as she has been engaged for several years now. Not sure when that day will come, but ….

    Thanks for sharing the great photos of you and your daughters, and Butter too!

    Take care and sending a lot of love and prayers your way, Lori. Hugs from Kauai to all of you for being such great friends! emoticon emoticon

    30 days ago
    Hugs and prayers I know it is tough and this pandemic makes it so much worse. Praying emoticon
    30 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Love the pics of your lovely daughters sharing happy times with you! Hugs to you and your Mom heart! emoticon You have raised a beautiful, caring, active, and involved young lady! I know that you will miss her....that’s what Moms do! Prayers for her and her fellow Corpus Christi residents as we all fight this awful pandemic!

    30 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Hugs to all of you Lori. I pray for her to travel safely and to be safe while attending school in TX. It's so hard to let our kids go. I wish her the best!!
    30 days ago
    I‘m thinking of you and your beautiful family what what a success your children are and you - full of energy and determination - the perfect model mama - Your VERY smart and stunning girl will go her way, everything will be good! HUGS I‘m with you, Lori ❤️🤗
    30 days ago
    What a wonderful last evening together (for now). You have raised and taught her well... allow her to fly and she will soar! Prayers for all of you! Godspeed to your husband!
    30 days ago
    your girls are beautiful caring and smart i will pray for them Hugs
    31 days ago
    You are an amazing mom and wonderful example to them. Trust that she knows the right thing to do in keeping safe. Big hugs, mama xoxo
    31 days ago
    Because of the virus. Too many people not willing to follow the protocol to make the virus go away. Take care. Hugs
    31 days ago
    Your girls are gorgeous. I will be praying for you and your family. This is scary and I don't blame you to worry. I was in Corpus Christi in March with a Crisis Response team. We were working on habitat houses. We had to cut our trip
    31 days ago
    Your girls are beautiful, like their mama. You took great care of them and they learned well from you how to take care of themselves. A friend of mine told me that the most important thing you do for them is to let them go, just like birds leaving the nest. Hugs.
    31 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/11/2020 6:24:22 PM
  • ALOFA0509
    emoticon Family Time is Awesome! Your Avery is a smart beautiful lady!! Im sure her and BF will take all precautions necessary to keep safe from this virus! I just wish more people were on board with it, and take it more seriously emoticon ... Mmm that dinner sounded Fantastic,, been craving Steak & a Big Garden Salad emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    31 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/11/2020 3:55:26 PM
    emoticon for mom sending her baby off again. I know you are thankful for the time you spent with her this summer and I know you have a LOT of pictures 😉 on that phone of yours! Stay busy ~ think positive everything will work out. emoticon
    31 days ago
    Lori, It’s hard to see her go but sounds like she will always come back to Mom. Prayers for your beautiful daughter, you and your family. Hugs, I know how you feel having experienced something similar when my daughter went off to college after her freshman year. She went back to school and was on her own. It was hard.
    31 days ago
    Love your you pictures of the family. praying for a safe trip and that she and her boy friend stay safe and school will start at some point . and all the silly fight about mask ends and people just wear them and be safe. hope DH has safe drive home sending prayers for all . emoticon
    31 days ago
    Sounds like u did a grrreat job raising that gorgeous gal right...now trust her and let her fly!
    I know. I know. It is so very hard.
    31 days ago
    My older son is 4+ hours away and living with his sweet girlfriend (both finished grad school last year), and I am so, so, so glad that at least we have electronic ways to stay in touch. GF works as a hostess, which likewise makes me nervous. They're in Ohio, which has been fairly strict about masks and other guidelines, so I hope they'll both be okay. But no, the worry/terror never goes away, does it?
    31 days ago
    Saying LOTS of prayers for you and her and her BF. **SIGH** Just such trying times. HUGS HUGS HUGS

    It sounds like they both have a good head on their shoulders. So . . . you've done a good job.

    31 days ago
    Your daughter is beautiful. I pray she will be safe and that you will all be okay.
    31 days ago
    Beautiful girl, I know u r worried but I believe she will be ok, she has a good head on her shoulders. The boyfriend sounds great! Glad he’s ambitious and treats her well. I think I would sleep better at night knowing she’s with a good guy and not alone. The dinner your husband cooked made me hungry! Hope they have a safe trip , you did good Lori ❤️
    31 days ago
    Avery is gorgeous like her Mom. She will be in my prayers. as will your husband traveling there. With all of your friends praying for her she should be in a safety bubble!
    31 days ago
  • 1BLAZER282005
    Ohh what a beautiful young woman your is and she sounds amazing. Prayers for your family 🙏 and traveling Grace. I know you're very pround of her and all that she had and will accomplish. Enjoy your weekend
    31 days ago
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