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Thinking Over My Current Plan

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Hi Sparkfriends!

I hope everyone is staying hydrated and cool these days. It’s been super hot here in TN and it’s making outdoor activities tough. But I press onward each day.

Today marked 4 months since I have been quarantined at home due to the virus. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been inside a public place since March. I am behind on doctor appointments for myself and my daughter and will bend my own rules to make those happen soon. Otherwise, I am staying home. Indefinitely.

In 4 days, I will have another important milestone. I will celebrate a whole year being in maintenance mode with my weight. I’ve stayed well within my personal parameters on the scale, and have actually been at the lower end of my weight range for a while now. I’m on day 75 for logging food. This is a huge positive.

On a less positive note, I am having some real difficulty with my fitness goals. Some of you know I just got over a running injury and am once again hitting the pavement, PAIN FREE! YAY!! This week I am running 3 milers and my mileage will only increase as time goes on. I am contemplating another neighborhood virtual half marathon in October.

But then there is my cycling and the plan I am following on the trainer. The rides get more difficult as time goes on. I had a ramp test yesterday after training for the last 6 weeks....and I only made a 1 watt increase on my FTP (Functional Threshold Power). Just awful!! Why? Because I ran 3 miles the day before, and also walked 5 miles. Tired legs!
Increasing my bike conditioning and running mileage at the same time is proving to be difficult, especially considering also that my daughter and I walk 2-4 miles every evening. Running 3x a week and biking 3x a week and walking almost everyday, my legs ache every night. I am so sore. A good sore, but still so sore. Not sure how long I can keep up this routine. I have some thinking to do.

(Notice lifting is not mentioned anywhere in this plan. That”s all I will say about that!! emoticon )

Tomorrow is a new day. Another day quarantined here at the house. Another day of exercise and puttering around. Another day to think things over. Another day to try to come up with a sustainable plan. What to do?

Hang in there, friends. We’ve got this!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on the year in maintenance mode!!!
    In terms of your legs...be careful, professional athletes sometimes get stress fractures from over-training, even Olympians, and they have teams of trainer specialists. Just had a 'quiz' q on spark today about if you should run everyday, and the correct answer was NO; specifically to give muscles a day to rest. I do a lot of fitness too, in terms of fitness for my level (I try and hit 2 hours of primarily a focus on cardio, and am a good sore a lot too, but I don't do your added walks). I used to be a big hiker (literally big, depending on the year) and literally hours and hours and miles and miles of hikes when I lived near AZ mountains. Hurt myself once when I went too fast, at dusk, on a wet and slippery trail...broke my nose, a clavicle, and opposite wrist as I put my hands up to try and protect my face. More recently, last summer I was hiking in the forest here in the great lakes state, on the trail SO close to my door. Built up a bit of a distance, then did a long one, and good sore turned, over the next few days, into just sore. Totally derailed me...my achilles tendon was hurt, and only now, a year later, is it mostly okay. So I've figured out that I'm aging, my body doesn't spring back like it did in my teens-40's from injury, and prevention is preferable so I focus on low-impact and sometimes on getting in some rest days, at least on the weekends (just as masks and q's are preferable prevention to getting covid); I'm trying to prevent getting injured; I'd probably be running if I could, as it torches off fat for me, but I'm thinking I'm too old and heavy and it would be too hard on my joints at this point. May add it back in the future, once I lose substantially more.
    In terms of Dr. appts., a Dr. on msnbc recently suggested that right now, before fall, and school, and flu season, this may be the (relative) calm before the storm; even as rates are increasing. She suggested getting appointments done soon, depending on the weekly ebb and flow in your local area. I'm thinking about getting some dental work done that I need, and urged mom to listen and think about getting her eye surgery done. Luckily, dad, who has the most 'co-morbidities', had just gotten his all clear for the year in Jan. We work hard to try and keep him relatively healthy...his system has a delicate balance, and on what he can/will do for himself and his health.
    Good for you on q'ing. I've gone out a bit more, but I can count the number on 2 hands; I shop for my folks and myself, since Feb (when I pretty much went into q. as I saw the writing on the wall then). In terms of shopping, if you miss it...my strategy is to go first thing in the AM, after store's been deep-cleaned, and floating air particles have settled, OR late in the day, when no one's around, depending on the store. Masks recently HAVE been proved to protect not only others but yourself (duh), esp. double-layer stitched masks, vs. bandanas or commercial cone masks. We also don't do takeout, and I sterilize everything before it goes in the house (I used to work in a sterile lab with hairless-bred mice, that were very delicate and even with stringent protocols, they used to die a lot, and I think of that lab often).
    Lastly, I also have noted CC, TX after you posted re: your daughter. The CC 'mayor'/Judge was on in a couple of interviews 2 days this week (can probably find online)...my mom caught one, I caught the other. She was sensible and well-spoken, really trying to put the word out that the area *IS* very problematic (they showed pics of beaches, and they were bad)...the Mayor was having to order extra vents & body bags from the Feds, so tell your daughter we all want her to be extra, extra, extra careful!
    emoticon emoticon
    18 days ago
  • ALOFA0509
    emoticon emoticon You have been doing awesome while in Maintance Mode, Ive seen you push thru the hard stuff to reach your fitness goals.. That is one thing I have really admired about your journey that no matter the set back, the GOALS were always in view.. Had To Be! even if it seemed challenging to hit, you still put it out into the universe that you were determined to get there no matter how long it takes.. It was only a few months ago that you felt derailed about the running.. You found a coach, you trained using alterntives to strengthen your legs,, YOU put that into Motion & You did It emoticon

    Always Inspiring Sister!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    18 days ago
    It sounds like you are making progress. Okay, not perfection as you see it but progress none the less! Pain free I might add. So what does the training coach say about this? Is she in this equation? Girl you are fabulous! (((HUGS)))
    19 days ago
    Hello Lori,
    It’s been hot and humid on Kauai too! emoticon Boy temperatures are in the 80s. I’m sure it’s hotter in TN. emoticon

    I have canceled most of my doctor’s appointments because I don’t need to be exposed unnecessarily. I’d rather be safe. I'll probably go next month since my hubby is having a colonoscopy and needs to get tested for COVID before he gets the procedure done. I will probably do my labs at the same time and then keep my August appointment.

    An early congratulations on achieving your important milestone! I’ms sure you will find the right balance for you! emoticon

    Have a great rest of the week. Tomorrow is Friday...yay!

    Take care and be good! emoticon

    19 days ago
    Sounds like you are staying on track . never give up .

    Hello I am the fitness fairy I have just sprinkled Motivation dust on you now go and move your butt this stuff is expensive We don't sweat we Sparkle ! No matter what just keep moving

    I believe that the greatest gift you can give your self is a healthy you. Joyce Meyer

    Its better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward old Chinese proverb

    19 days ago
    you are doing so awesome , I think you can plan a rest day when you dont use those legs Hugs
    19 days ago
    Congrats on YEARS of maintenance, Lori! I just like to read how perfectly you go forward! Just amazing! BTE, Lara got serious about the weights lifting, she is following a book for beginners right now, and she is still doing her cardio rope jumping and running. You are OUR big motivator, thank you for this! Stay safe, lovely Lori! BTW I am taking a small break from exercise, the last three days I feel sick, no fever, my husband the same. You are
    20 days ago
    Congrats on your one year of maintenance. I have been at this for 2 1/2 years. When I make solid progress, my thyroid goes whacky and it’s a total setback. Motto: Never give up. Reading your blogs always help! Best wishes and camping was secluded and grandkids loved it. Another secluded outing planned for August! We will survive.
    20 days ago
    Congratulations on your one year of maintenance! That is amazing!

    I have avoided public places too. I think I've been in three of them since March, and I've always had a mask on.

    It has been hot and humid here in Illinois too. Sometimes my walks are on the treadmill, which I don't like as much, but I'm extremely thankful I have one. Since I am not in good shape, I need to be careful.

    Good luck working out your fitness routine. I know you will figure it out. You are obviously a very smart woman.
    20 days ago
    You are active and that's the most important thing, and onw able to do your walk/run w/o pain. PRogress.

    HUGS, my dear.
    20 days ago
    sounds great! I've been there with the tired legs, 'active' rest days maybe with just the walking could be in order. I do like the cross training.. and the running and biking on the same day is tough, but I've done that for triathalon training.. Building up your muscle endurance on those multi sports is a great challenge!
    I've restarted the 30 day shred (skipped 2 days because I was so sore the first day and went to the lake the second day).. but picking back up today! 3 mins strength, 2 min cardio, 1 min abs. whew.. so sore!

    Happy thursday.
    20 days ago
    I live like you do. I prefer to stay home and avoid getting sick. I go out when I have to. I am in it for the long haul.

    I hope you can find something that works for you. I used to be highly active and had to cut back. I didn't like it but came to terms with it. Keep trying, you will find what works.
    20 days ago
    A year on Maintenance is Awesome! Losing is the easy part... I have never been able to maintain for more than a few months so I will be leaning on you (and few others) and following your lead! You will figure out the right course of action for you!
    20 days ago
    That sounds amazing, and I trust the answer will show up at exactly the right time - you'll find your balance and will accept either doing more or less or differently. After all, what else is left? LOL It's hard to find the balance in the pandemic, because we have so much time to burn off the excess energy, and for me, it turns into anxiety if I don't. Let us know what you discover.
    20 days ago
    A year on maintenance, and near the low end of your range is amazing.

    I am incredibly impressed by the amount of fitness that you do... I know you are not satisfied, and I trust you will come up with a plan to increase. I didn't realize that you and your daughter walk every evening, on top of all your other fitness.

    I hope your husband got your daughter settled, and is back home again. I know you aren't happy with the living arrangements; I remember when my older daughter made the same decision... but it all worked out.

    Take care; try to stay as cool as possible,

    Hugs, Gail
    20 days ago
    20 days ago
    20 days ago
    Congrats on maintenance emoticon
    Your training does seem to be one sided on the cardio and legs. You will figure it ~ just remember legs need rest too emoticon
    20 days ago
    You are the energizer bunny for sure!

    But you need to pace yourself please.

    You’ll get there ...you’re fine ...relax.

    20 days ago
  • 1BLAZER282005
    Awesome 👍 staying in weight range 💪 for 1 yr. Si stoked for you running again woohoo 🙌
    20 days ago
    Maintenance has always been where I've stumbled, hopefully I can make a post similar to yours this time next year! Great work, and great to hear you injuries have healed!
    20 days ago
    Congrats on your one year Maintenance ! Excellent job Lori! It’s very depressing being in quarantine but we need to get back to where we were, numbers r up again and more restrictions are in place, have a great day Lori.
    20 days ago
    emoticon emoticon On a year in maintenance! emoticon That is great!
    Quarantine has been a challenge for many of us I think you are doing great ! I always look to you for motivation. You are remarkable!
    You’ve got this my friend! Always cheering for you emoticon
    20 days ago
  • EISSA7
    You are so very good at deciding what is best for yourself and your body that I know you will revamp your fitness plan/goals to yield sustainable weekly workouts with less aches and pains!! Happy thinking, Lori!
    20 days ago
    Making sure we drink enough water is sooooo crucial and one often overlooked
    20 days ago
    It seems to me that you are over using your legs (through formal or informal activity) since they never recover and you are always sore.
    20 days ago
    You do a remarkable job Lori!
    20 days ago
  • EOWYN24241
    hang in there!
    20 days ago
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