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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Our challenge this week is to get rid of trigger foods...foods that you know you shouldn’t eat. Clear the counter, clear the clutter! We call it Out of Sight Out of Mind, OSOM. I felt pretty confident about this one...I don’t purchase my trigger foods (Sweets) so they are never in my house. DH has his fair share, I will admit...but his are in the form of salty, crunchy...and that doesn’t bother me. If I have some chips, I eat a serving and put away.

Then....last weekend happened. We had family over. I did very well w my diet (although I didn’t track). They left and I went about my daily routine this week. Until yesterday. I had ordered groceries and once home, put them away. It was a lot, and required a lot of rearranging in the freezer. That’s when I found my OSOM. Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. My granddaughters had forgotten to take it home. And it was still sealed. Gah!

I put it in the back of the freezer (OSOM), and carried on w my day. kept calling me. And I caved. I scooped out a dish of ice cream (mindful of amount, I read the nutrition label first). And sat down and enjoyed every savory moment of that sweetness. Oh my! I didn’t eat the cookie dough part...too sugary for my taste. But the sweet creamy ice cream, with small chunks of frozen chocolate chips? Pure bliss!

Well, needless to say, the guilt set in afterwards. But more importantly, the worry. Would I fall victim to its calling again? The answer is yes. That is the reason I got this big to begin with. Should I keep it in the freezer til they come back next month? Yes. But is that worth undoing all my hard work, because let’s face it. I’ll keep going back to it until it’s gone.

Well, I am here to tell’s gone. But I bypassed my mouth. I grabbed that small carton of deliciousness and scooped it right into the garbage disposal! I threw the carton away, and bagged the trash up, and took it straight out to the dumpster. Brushed my hands, and patted my back. Small victories...that’s what keeps me going. Another battle won!

So...keep OSOM at the forefront of your mind. You just never know where it is lurking. Best intentions are undermined by those nasty, seemingly innocent OSOM’s. But not in this house...not on my watch! Spark on!
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