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08/21/20 Persistence

Friday, August 21, 2020

"A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence." James N. Watkins

"I don't always have the perfect comeback. But when I do, it's usually the next day. In the shower."

Three friends, a Rabbi, a Hindu holy man and a lawyer, had car trouble in the countryside and asked to spend the night with a farmer.
The farmer said, “There might be a problem; you see, I only have room for two to sleep, so one of you must sleep in the barn.” “No problem,” chimed the Rabbi, “My people wandered in the desert for forty years, I am humble enough to sleep in the barn for an evening in their memory.” With that he departed to the barn and the others bedded down for the night.
Moments later a knock was heard at the door; the farmer opened the door. There stood the Rabbi from the barn. “What’s wrong?” asked the farmer.  He replied, “I am grateful to you, good sir, but I can’t sleep in the barn. There is a pig in the barn and my faith believes that is an unclean animal.”
His Hindu friend agreed to swap places with him. But a few minutes later the same scene reoccurred. There was a knock on the door.  “What’s wrong, now?” the farmer asked.  The Hindu holy man replied, “I too am grateful for your helping us out but there is a cow in the barn and in my country cows are considered sacred. I can’t sleep on holy ground!”
Well, that left only the lawyer to make the change. He grumbled and complained, but went out to the barn.
Moments later there was another knock on the farmers door.
Frustrated and tired, the farmer opened the door, and there stood…
The pig and the cow.

It's National Spumoni Day! Spumoni is a molded, 3-layer ice cream of cherry, pistachio and chocolate, mixed with nuts, fruit and cream that originated in Naples, Italy and is sliced, not scooped. The Neapolitan is an US version using strawberry and vanilla instead of the cherry and pistachio.
--Gold Cup Parade Day: observed in Canada on the 3rd Friday of August; today is famous for being Atlantic Canada's largest annual parade and is the main event during Old Home Week on Prince Edward Island; the parade is a well-preserved piece of history and its roots can be traced back as far as 1888.
--Hawaii Admission Day: observed in Hawaii on the 3rd Friday of August; today celebrates Hawaii's admission to the US as the 50th state in 1959 on August 21, the 3rd Friday of August that year.
--National Brazilian Blowout Day: today is a salute to a Brazilian hair straightening treatment that is effective for frizzy hair.
--National Men's Grooming Day: observed on the 3rd Friday of August; today is a salute to the industry catering to help men look and feel their best; check the listings as there could be specials and discounts.
--National Senior Citizens Day: a 1988 proclamation by President Reagan, today honors the contributions of senior citizens and recognizes the specific challenges that population faces; in the Middles Ages, the life expectancy was 30 years old; for now, the government defines senior citizen at 65 years but housing and marketing often mark senior citizen as at 55 years; the debate continues as to if it's 55? 60? 62? 65? 67?.
--National Poet's Day: today is a salute to the creative souls who capture our hearts and minds with prose; poets have always been part of the world's culture and history as a reflection;" Poetry is a form of writing that uses the aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of a language, combined with simile and metaphor, to bring out meanings deeper than the mere definition of the words."
--Ninoy Aquino Day: observed in the Philippines; commemorates the 1983 assassination of former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr; this would lead to the downfall of Ferdinand Marcos in 1986.
--In 1883, the Mayo Clinic was established. From bing: "A humid summer day turns tragic as an F5 tornado bears down on Rochester, Minnesota. After caring for casualties in an area with no hospital, Dr. William Mayo and his sons will be inspired to team with local nuns and open a medical facility that evolves into the world-renowned Mayo Clinic."

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