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Sunday, September 06, 2020

Well, it is time for me to set some SMART Goals for the next 12 weeks! I also need to check in on my long term & short term goals!

First thing I want to do is visit 5 weight loss sites and get an average of how many calories I should be eating. I feel SP sort of gives me too many for my goals. Once I find my average calorie range I want to start working on eating a consistent same calories each and every day. I also want to make myself do moderate workouts which has been suggested for women of a certain age to lose weight!

Long Term Goal: Reach my goal weight of 135 lbs.
Short Term goal: Lose at least 6 of those pounds in the next 12 weeks. I'd like to reach 150 lbs by the end of the year. but, I'm not timing myself. I'm allowing myself to get back into weight loss mode and take my time shedding the pounds.

S= Lose 6 pounds (at least) in the next 12 weeks. Find an average of what my calorie range should be. Start weighing myself daily (EEK!). Learn & practice moderate exercise.... Stop being a fitness beast! Have fun! Weight loss has always been too much like work for me, so I want to make it fun!

M= I will begin weighing myself daily as suggested by my weight loss program. But, I will still weigh in once a week at WW & for BLC44. I will track my food and exercise to find a true calorie deficit, consistently!

A= A half pound per week seems attainable to me. Consistency will take effort, but I'm also breaking it into smaller goals to make sure I achieve what I want!

R= I do believe what i want to do is realistic. Others are doing it and doing well with the program.

T= I have 12 weeks to lose the 6 pounds and I want to achieve at least 3 of my 6 steps to consistency in those same 12 weeks.

My Step Stones:
#1: find my true calorie range by averaging suggested range from 5 different sources.
#2: Drink 10 glasses of water daily. No more, no less. Get there my by sipping and not guzzling.
#3: track every BLT
*4: Weigh daily and not allow the scale to make or break my mood. use it as the machine it is and gather info without judgment!
#5:Eat the same calories each day. I don't have to eat the same food and dont' have to worry about macronutrients right now, but consistent calories with fresh, healthy foods will help in that area!
*6: Adopt and use a moderate workout program. this will be easier for me in the fall/winter because when I get into the pool I have to move! Cool nights are gettign the pool closed soon! First batch of winter chemicals were put in today!

I'm ready to get this done and work consistency and moderation into my lifestyle while I lose weight!
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