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Monday, September 14, 2020



*TMI alert* Don't read this paragraph if you don't want TMI! Honestly, I had been feeling a bit backed up (like going a bit each day, but not a proper emptying, if you know what I mean). And yesterday, that was resolved. I knew right then that I'd be near 200 today, lol.

Plus, I went on a walk with my dog - even though the air quality is not that great (thanks for the encouragement, Raelene). My dog is slow, and has to sit and rest (because of her hips), so it wasn't a great workout. But it was activity. I need to do something everyday. Today, sadly, it might be whatever I can eke out in the aisles at Home Depot or Lowe's, lol! But I will also do my PT plus. I'm getting a pretty good habit going with that.

So, here I am, in ONEderland. I have overcome a major mental obstacle! I do NOT need to weigh 200+. I am on a roll, and I will continue to make good choices!!! 9 pounds!!! 4%!!!

I'm approaching another milestone of 10 pounds. It is within reach. 10 pounds seemed like such a huge number when I had struggled and struggled to get more than a couple off. I had to recommit to doing this... and it really helped to be alone this week. I had started before he left, but dang, this has been so much easier without him here! I have a bunch of success now in my pile to draw from when I'm second guessing myself, or trying to justify why I deserve a treat or a cheat. I nearly had a cheat day yesterday. And that would have been okay. But I'm really glad I didn't, as I'm positive I wouldn't be in ONEderland today!

In the future, I will allow myself cheat days. But I'm going to have a once a week limit. In the past, I would get into weird situations and end up having several cheat times, which turned into cheat days, which turned into gorging all day. That is unnecessary. Enjoying life is necessary. I can do it without thinking about food every minute.

What am I doing different? Well, I decided to try 20:4 (instead of 16:8). It is working - obviously. I'm having a snack to break my fast, then a hour or two later, I have dinner. The thought is that the snack would help not feel so famished for dinner. It is a work in progress. But I'm finding some interesting side benefits. In not having lunch, I don't have to prepare lunch... and I don't have to think about preparing lunch. This is good in a couple of different directions. In not having a meal to prepare, I don't fixate as much on food during the day. The other thing is time... I was worrying about how much time I am spending blogging and doing my PT, but without prepping, eating, and relaxing after lunch, I'm recouping the time spent exercising and blogging. Cool!

I'm going to do my PT this morning (hopefully), and we'll see what other exercise I get. I am on a roll. I broke the barrier! I know it has only been since June, but this has been a wild ride up the scale. Now I'm riding it down!!!
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