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Day 302: 48 hours without caffeine this weekend

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hi Everyone

Happy weekend! Thanks a bunch for all of the congrats for hitting Day 300. It was fun to see comments from people about applying daily planning and goal-setting to their own goals in different areas of life.

I really mean this: streaks like the one I'm on are intentionally designed to be more of a daily planning challenge -- and then also designed to be a relatively easy daily planning challenge by making the hurdle only 10 minutes of any type of activity.

This framework takes advantage of the magic of daily planning, goal-setting, and the power of consistency.

You can really apply this formula to any area of life including food, fitness, sleep, stress, learning new skills, relationships, and many more.

I really believe the key to life is this formula:
1) Know why you want to be Fit & Healthy including your purpose and most meaningful goals in life
2) List your daily priorities in the morning (or the night before)
3) Set a small goal -- writing it down is best
4) Reach that small goal
5) Track that small goal -- this releases dopamine that makes you want to do this again
6) Repeat steps 2-5 on a regular basis as part of how you live your life
7) Occasionally review step 1 to think about any changes that might make you even more motivated to reach your small goals.

Yesterday was Day 302 for me on to my next big goal of hitting 1 full year. Yesterday was a light day with only a short hike and a small number of minutes from doing my hand grip on calls.

It was an intentional light day because I'm working to re-set my caffeine consumption. I typically drink one cup of coffee in the morning and then one cup of black tea early in the afternoon.

But, I think I've been drinking caffeine without a break for too long and need a re-set. I also think my fitness streak and good nutrition mean that I don't really need the caffeine.

So, for the past 2 days I had no black tea in the afternoon. This made me more tired than normal, but I also didn't get the tell-tale caffeine withdrawal headache. I also noticed that my brain seemed to work better/faster later in the afternoon. I also think my sleep quality was better the past 2 nights.

This morning I had only half a cup of coffee and all is well so far. I decided to set a goal to go 48 hours without caffeine and not have any until Monday morning. I feel pretty confident I can do this and that it will be a positive.

I'll be back tomorrow morning to let you know how it's going.

Do you have any goals for the weekend?



PS To answer someone's question, our air has been much better the past couple of days from the wildfires, thanks for asking! Hopefully this continues so we can get outside for activity this weekend.
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