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just sayin’ … mornin' after

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

I feel like warmed up dog poop. My kids all need their mom at the same time and 2 out of 3 are in different states than us and each other. The one in state … doesn’t want us to get near them in person coz GS1 was exposed to COVID.

My Wonder Woman outfit has holes in it.

BUT … I’m not eating my feelings.

More from Steve #31:

Fat people see themselves as failures.
Fit people see themselves as comeback artists.

Fat people are in the habit of reliving their past failures over and over, to the point where they begin to see themselves as failures.

Fit people know that failing is just a result, not a judgement.

Stop beating yourself up and start seeing yourself as a comeback artist. You know exactly how to get fit and you’ve made the decision to do it.

In 30 days of 100% compliance you’ll be on an emotional high you won’t believe, and on your way to being thin and healthy.

All your past failures are stepping stones to the new you.

Critical Thinking Question: Have you forgiven yourself for getting fat???

Action Step: Forgive yourself for all your past failures and decide to start your life over today. Everything you’re not happy with is now considered a “do over”.

It has taken a loooooong time but I think I’m starting to feel better about myself and losing 100 pounds and re-gaining 70 of it. I do think starting to re-losing weight has helped my … ego. I know what to do … it’s the consistency and continuation of DOING it.

With DS1 new health issue … it seems contradictive not to take care of my own health.

Change your mind … and the rest WILL follow.

Coz … I want to be ME.

**Within this blog is my longwinded thoughts based on my reading and humble understanding of Steve Siebold’s Die Fat or Get Tough and years and years and years of searching for thinness and … self-peace.
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