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For Kate, my kind Spark friend_amateur poems

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Kate, you kindly asked me to share some of my poetry. These are a few. For some reason, all of these rhyme...

Watermelon ‘Round the Tin-Topped Table

Logged onto Facebook this morning
saw pics of your beach house and boat
Felt a pang of envy for my lost dreams
Swallowed tears past the lump in my throat

Each one in your family was smiling
against a backdrop of water and palms
Your husband and kids and their spouses
were gathered in your loving arms

Just wondered why you have so much
wondered why all your dreams have come true
and wondered why God would take mine
Then turn around and give them to you

It was a real pity party
As I looked at the pics one by one
‘Til I suddenly thought of one long ago day
In the blazing hot summertime sun.

We’d been working all day in the fields
Our sweat dripping like rain on the beds
The cicadas were singing a dance song
For gnats circling around our bent heads

I’d just about reached my limit
My back tired with two sore dusty feet
When Grandaddy called us up to the house
For an unexpected afternoon treat

In the shade of the weeping willow
We sliced a watermelon so green
The inside so ripe, the perfect shade of red
One of the sweetest we’d ever seen

We shared it and ate without forks or knives
The sticky juice running down chins
Sure that nothing had ever tasted so good before
Not sure anything would ever again.

As we stood round the old tin-topped table
And I gazed at each beloved face
I thought of the treasured times we shared
Vowed to remember this time and place

So, if I never realize my beach house dream
If your picture-perfect life’s never mine
I’ll always remember in my heart
That special watermelon time.

And know that for one perfect moment
The best place in the whole world was there
with family round the table that Papa built
No beach house or boat can compare.

Miller N., 2003

The Sea, My Friend

I long to see the sea again
It’s spray upon my face
To see the massive rolling waves
And stand there in it’s grace

To hear the gulls and see the pipers
Running along the tide
To spy ghost crabs and fiddlers
Looking for a place to hide

To gaze out at the horizon
As far as my eye can see
And imagine what’s beyond those shores
Waiting there for me

To stroll upon the sea-soaked sand
Make my way up to the pier
And trod upon its weathered planks
There’s nothing there to fear
As I walk to the very deepest end
Peer down into the waves
And feel the swaying motion
It’s a sensation that I crave

I must live by the sea someday
It is my fondest hope, with
the vast sea as my constant friend
Through the trials of life I’ll cope.

Miller N., September 14, 2017

Hope Was HIding

Hope was hard to see today
‘Til I got out in the sun
Just being in the out-of-doors
Made life a bit more fun

I must remember on the darker days
To go outside and see
If sunshine, trees, and grass and birds
Will lighten the spirit in me.

Miller N., September 15, 2017

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