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Saturday, October 24, 2020

At long last! I’ve arrived! It took me 11 months to reach it, but that’s ok! What worked for me this time? Let’s see...

Determination. I retired from a very stressful job in 2019. During my annual visit w my PCP, we discussed weight loss strategies. She encouraged me to get a pedometer and aim for 10k steps/day. I reflected on this. After all, she’s told me this before, I’ve tried before, but eventually fell off the wagon and regained (plus more). I realized that my new full time job was to take care of myself. I devoted 40+ years to taking care of others and winning their health back (I’m a nurse). Now it’s my turn. I started walking...every day.

Technology. I discovered that my phone had a built in pedometer. I have an android, so I downloaded the Samsung Health app. It’s free! And it is loaded with all kinds of tools to help me get fit: nutrition trackers, activity trackers, BMI calculator, weight loss tracker, sleep tracker, etc. I plugged in my desired weight into the program and it does all the calculations! I review it’s nutrition report, activity report, sleep report, etc every day. Instant feedback! So, I carried my phone w me everywhere and started watching the steps add up! After a few months, I added a smart watch to my repertoire. It syncs w my phone so I don’t have to carry my phone EVERYwhere!

Support. After my doctor visit, I knew I would need support to carry me through what I knew would be months of work. So I decided to try Noom. Ever hear of it? It’s an app on your phone that you can try free for the first two weeks. I liked it. I took their quiz and got a program all set up for my needs. It too, had a built-in pedometer and it mostly matched my droid’s. Every morning I weighed in, answered some questions, and read an article. I lost 6 pounds in the first 10 days. As I drew closer to the two week mark, I became curious what the cost would be going forward. It was WAY more than I planned on spending! Especially when you consider that SP and MyFitness are free! Plus, I wasn’t happy w the coach they had assigned me. Her responses seemed “canned”, if that makes sense. So I canceled the service and deleted the app from my phone. I am happy to say, I turned to SP and have been using it faithfully since! It has all the tools I could possibly use, and useful informative articles that I read every day! And the support of community has been phenomenal! Especially when I discovered the 5% challenges. Wow!

Goals. During the past year I’ve learned that setting small goals are vital to staying on track. I had an overall goal to lose 84 pounds. But it will take months to get there. So I looked for smaller goals to help me achieve a sense of accomplishment along the way. I celebrate every 10 pounds lost. I’ve completed three 5k run/walk. I’ve lost three jeans sizes. I participate in the 5% SP challenges. As a matter of fact, I need to establish a new small goal for myself right now!

Diet. For the most part, I calorie count. I strive for 1200 cal/day or less. I’ve also added 5 servings of freggies/day, reduced intake of carbs and fats. I don’t eliminate carbs...I eat complex carbs. My body feels so much better eating clean! I can’t believe the junk I used to put in my mouth all those years before! In fact, a couple weeks ago I decided to have a “real” soda w my grilled cheese Sammy. Within an hour, I felt terrible! I had the worse case of IBS in months! To think I used to drink a soda every day! Wow.

Exercise. Last, but not least, I walk every day. Before covid, I was going to the gym and hopping on the treadmill, stationary bike, row machine, and working w weights. When our fitness center closed, I walked the hood...which is beautiful. On average, I walk 3 miles. I also like to do fitness videos for aerobics, Pilates, and resistance band training. It helps to change things up.

That’s kind of it in a nutshell. There is no magic to weight loss. I am kind to myself when I slip up or if I regress. I know that weight gains are temporary and diet related ( and will come off again. I keep my eyes on the prize: my health! I will be the best that I can be...every day!

Thanks for reading this’s helpful to reflect...and I love the encouragement I get from fellow Sparkers! Have a great Sparkly Day!
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