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Day 3: Trying Out Fitbit Premium

Saturday, October 24, 2020

I used to always have Fitbit Premium. I--of course--could not be without it because I relied on my Fitbit for everything. Then, I sort of ended up switching everything over to Sparkpeople and getting Spark premium and doing everything on here instead. Most of all I really liked the premium nutrition features. But Fitbit had a free 3-month trial of their new premium program and so I decided to try it out. I am really loving it so far. So many new features added. Especially love the meditations. Since I got my Charge 4, I just really love how advanced everything is getting on Fitbit. You can just do everything on there. So we will be seeing how much it helps me with staying on track and being fitter and if it is worth the $10 per month.

Suffering with a lot of pain and inflammation this morning. I was doing really well yesterday and then I had to take that long trip to pick up Fritzy and that really was hard on me. I did get a bit of rest last night, though, and hoping to start feeling better once I get in a gentle workout and spend most of today taking it pretty easy. I've started using ice on my ribs again, which I know helped in the past. I'm going to start taking ice baths again on Sundays (rest days) and see if that helps at all.

emoticon Nutrition: I have a bit of a new approach to nutrition. Since my goal is to actually start losing weight again, I want to keep a closer profile on my nutrition (eat healthier foods and lower my calorie intake). I picked up a few groceries yesterday and focused mainly on picking up protein-based foods and got some whole grain bread. I happen to be a big protein person in general and have found that if you can't convince yourself to cook or eat much, if you can at least get in some protein (as opposed to a bunch of sugar or carbs), you will feel better and stay fuller. I also focus on protein to help keep me from losing too much muscle since I can't strength train like I'd like to right now. Anyway, my new approach is to keep a close track of my ranges and aim to keep them in line. I've started tracking again although now I've moved everything over to Fitbit. Not sure yet if I like this or not. There's pros and cons to each way of doing it I suppose. Yesterday I did track everything to get myself started, but unfortunately where I started at wasn't really a good place. I can see I have lots of work to do.
Calories: 5030 (Goal 2340-2690)
Carbs 725 (Goal 263-437)
Fat 186 (Goal 52-105)
Protein 137 (Goal 60-235) emoticon
Fibre 32 (Goal 25-50) emoticon
Sodium 5595 (Goal 500-2300)
Sugars 452 (Goal 0-90)
Cholesterol 565 (Goal 0-300)
Potassium 800 (Goal 2000-3500)

emoticon Hydration: The main thing I have to cut down on is soda. It's where a lot of my sugar is coming from. I did drink about 3 glasses of water yesterday, so I have gotten an okay start, but I have a long way to go yet. Fortunately, I have only begun and have plenty of room for improvement. I do plan to cut down on both coffee and soda, though, especially since I'll be tracking my food so carefully.

emoticon Exercise: Did a bit longer of a chair exercise (a full body workout) yesterday and that went well. The exercise is already helping me to be a little more flexible, to be able to bend a little more and move around a little better. So I know I am getting good benefits from it. I have a workout planned this morning that will be some upper body COPD exercises.

emoticon Sleep: I'm not sleeping a whole lot, but that's really to be expected. Sleeping is not super comfortable for me right now.

emoticon Cigars: I haven't made any real progress with cigars yet. Today will be a good time to work out an actual quitting plan.

emoticon General Health: Cough and pain still both bad. Taking my meds, though. But feeling optimistic and moving around more so do feel I am taking some small steps forward.

emoticon Weight Loss Progress/Bloat/Inflammation: Inflammation is definitely bad and swelling in my hands, arms, and legs/ankles.

10/23/20 287.4 lb Body Fat % 50.7%
10/24/20 289.4 lb Body Fat % 50.6%

I know I ate way too much yesterday, but this seems to be mostly bloat and inflammation.

emoticon Motivation: I'm just feeling a lot more motivated in general lately. I'm really getting back into health and fitness again and enjoying tracking my food and keeping track of my macros and exercising and meditating and just everything.

emoticon Meditation: I have a ton of meditations to choose from on my Fitbit now so that should give me no excuse not to meditate at least a few times a week. I'm enjoying exploring everything on there right now.

After using the ice on my ribs I am starting to feel quite a bit better and ready to start my day. So it should be a good weekend. Keep Sparking! emoticon
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